Police arrived in CM house, AAP said – killing of democracy in Delhi


New Delhi: A team of Delhi Police arrived at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence in the Civil Lines area of the national capital on Friday to raise evidence in the case of alleged attack of MLAs, Chief Minister Anshu Prakash.

In addition to North Delhi, DCP Harindra Singh said, “A team of police has been sent to the Chief Minister’s residence to collect all the evidence including the CCTV footage in the alleged attack on Delhi Chief Secretary.”

Responding to this, Kejriwal said, “A lot of police have sent my house. My house is under investigation. It’s a very good thing. But when will the questioning of Amit Shah in case of the murder of Judge Loya?

Kejriwal said that his Cabinet has sought time to meet Lt Governor Anil Baijal in this matter. An official said that all these services in Delhi are under the Lt. Governor, so the cabinet will request him to direct all the bureaucrats to work with the government.

Significantly, AAP is under investigation in Delhi Chief Secretary on the alleged assault case by the legislators. According to Delhi Government spokesman Arunodaya Prakash, about 60-70 policemen entered the Chief Minister’s residence.

Prakash wrote on Twitter, “The Chief Minister’s residence was taken over by the police. A large number of police personnel entered the chief minister’s house without any notice. PoliceRaj killed democracy in Delhi. The police spread all around the Chief Minister’s residence. If they can do this with an elected chief minister, then what can they do with poor people? ‘

He tweeted, “There is a minimum courtesy in democracy. Every citizen has the right under the Constitution. It is an attempt to humiliate the Chief Minister who is working tirelessly for the poor and the last person of the society.

On Wednesday night, during a meeting at Kejriwal’s residence at the residence of the chief secretary of Delhi, the police arrested AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal and Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan.

AAP said, under the pressure of the police, the Chief Minister’s aide changed his statement

At the same time, it was alleged from AAP that the Delhi Police pressurized Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s advisor VK Jain to change the statement in the case of alleged attack on Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash.

Some of AAP MLAs have been accused of scramble with Prakash. AAP’s senior leader Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh claimed that this is a move to destabilize the AAP government in Delhi.

Accusing Delhi’s minister Imran Hussain and Delhi Dialogue Commission’s deputy President Asha Khaitan for not giving any evidence despite giving evidence and complaining about it, Ashutosh targeted Deputy Governor Anil Baijal and made him BJP agent.

On Monday night, at the residence of Kejriwal, located in Civil Lines area, Jain was present when the AAP MLAs allegedly attacked Prakash.

Sanjay Singh said that in his first statement to the police, he had said that he was in the toilet during the incident of alleged mayhem and he did not know what happened in the room at that time.

Singh said, “Though the police said that Jain had claimed yesterday that when he returned from the toilet, he saw that Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash was looking for his glasses. This all points to a potential attack. After all, why did Jain change his stand in a single day? Under whose pressure did he have to change his statement? ‘

He claimed that the Delhi Police had taken Jain with him and pressured him to change his statement.

He said, ‘How can it be that when the same Jain insisted that during the time he was present there, he had not seen any attack and now he is making some other statements?’

Responding to these allegations, Delhi Police Special CP and Chief Spokesperson Dipendra Pathak said that the department is following rules and laws only.

Pathak said, “Under the proper procedure, the police filed the statements first and the statements were made before the court.”

Ashutosh said that Prakash’s Medico-Legal Case Report said that the attack happened at 12 o’clock, but in the footage of CCTV cameras, he is seen going from Kejriwal’s house at 11.30 pm.


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