PNB scam: ED seized Nirav Modi’s 9 luxury cars, you will be stunned


In the PNB scam case, ED has taken action against Nirav Modi. ED has seized nine luxury cars of Nirav Modi. The prices of these cars are being reported to crores. CBI and ED in this case, investigating the locations spread across the country of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, and also started seizing properties. Under which this action has been taken.

9 luxury cars seized

The ED’s action against Nirav Modi, accused of PNB scam, is in progress. ED has seized nine luxury cars of Nirav Modi. These cars are being priced at several crores. Only one car roles Royal Ghost cost only 6 million. Apart from this, a Mercedes-Benz, one Porsche, three Honda and a Fortune car have been seized. Apart from this, shares of 94 crores of Nirav Modi and Mehul Vigilance Group have also been seized.

Nirav Modi’s senior officer Vipul Ambani arrested

In the alleged PNB fraud case of Rs 11,400 crore, a special court in Mumbai has sent five others, including CFO Vipul Ambani, of Nirav Modi’s company, to CBI custody till March 5. Vipul Ambani is the Chairman (Finance) of Nirav Modi’s Fire Star Diamond. On the basis of the FIRs registered by the CBI in the case involving Nirav Modi and his relatives and owner of Gitanjali James, in the case involving Mehul Vigilance, all these six people were arrested on Tuesday.

Explain that the CBI’s FIR has been written that 150 bogus LOUs (which is a kind of bank guarantee) worth Rs 6,498 crores and 143 fake LOUs of Rs 4,886 crores were signed between 2011-17. Rajesh Jindal, the then head of the Brady House branch of PNB, on January 31, in this case, Ambani, Kavita Manakikar (executive assistant and three companies – Diamond R US, Steller Diamond, Solar Exports), Arjun Patil (Senior Executive, Firestarter Group) .The FIR registered by the CBI was listed as an accused.

The arrest of President (Finance) Vipul Ambani, chairman of Five Star Diamond Company, is considered to be a big success. Two main accused Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi have left the country. In connection with the two FIRs lodged in this scam, the investigating agency also arrested four other senior executives. In which Ambani includes Executive Assistant Poetry Mankikar and Senior Executive Officer Arjun Patil. Special court judge SR Tamboli has sent all the six accused to the CBI remand till March 5.

On the role of Vipul Ambani, the CBI said that he was Head of Finance Department from May 2013 to November 2017. They had information about fraud and illegal LoUs. Which was released by Gokulanath Shetty, who retired as PNB Deputy Manager in May 2017. He not only met the officials of Brady House Branch of PNB, but also held meetings with its circle officials and regional offices. The CBI said in its remand application, “The fact of the involvement of Ambani’s fraud during the investigation in the office was proved. During the investigation, the applications of fraud committed by PNB from the three companies of Nirav Modi have been confiscated.

Demanding the custody of Gitanjali Group manager Nitin Shahi, the CBI said that he has prepared application and related documents for issuing alleged LOA for PNB to take advantage of fraud from the buyer’s credit. Although the royal claimed that all documents were prepared and handed over to Shetty at the request of Vipul Chitalia. He said that after the completion of the transaction, what was done with the documents, they looked immovable at this question.


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