PM Modi and Trudeau meet today, Canadian PM visits India


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is on a 7-day visit to India, will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. Modi posted a photo of 2015 while expressing his interest in tweeting on Thursday. In it, he is seen pulling his child’s ear with Trudeau. Modi said in the tweet, “I hope Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have enjoyed the tour of India. I am especially keen to meet their children Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien. This photo has taken my 2015 trip to Canada, when I met Prime Minister Trudeau and Ella-Grace.

Explain that Trudeau is on a 7-day visit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation. During this time, he visited many cities of India and enjoyed the grandeur of the historic sites.

A billion dollar investment agreement

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday that during his current visit to India, a $ 1 billion investment agreement has so far been made. This will create about 6 thousand quality jobs. While addressing a program organized in collaboration with the CII, Trudeau said that he has come to strengthen historical relations between India and Canada. The appreciation of his family in India has been extraordinary. The Canadian Prime Minister said that at present, there are more than 400 Canadian companies in India and their number will increase further in the coming years.

Agreement with Canada’s IDRC

In collaboration with Canada’s International Development Research Center (IDRC), India has collaborated with research in various fields. According to the statement, it includes finance, agriculture, industry and health sector.

Canadian PM Trudeau visits with controversy

The visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is on a visit to India from the last five days, is getting entangled in some new controversy every day. In diplomatic circles it is discussed that during this journey, Trudeau has not changed the colorful Indian dress that has given birth to more controversy. In this sequence, a new controversy appeared on Thursday that Khalistani militant Jaspal Atwal was invited to attend the dinner hosted by the Canadian High Commission in Mumbai for the welcome of Trudeau. But after the strong objection to India, the invitation was immediately revoked. Attempts to handle the situation took place at the level of Trudeau himself and he called it a serious issue and said that Atwal should not have received the invitation.

Ministry of External Affairs

The situation is still not clear about how Jaspal Atwal entered India. Ministry of External Affairs says that it is being explored. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ravish Kumar says, Canada has officially told that Atwal was mistakenly invited and that was why he was later canceled. On the other hand, the Home Ministry has clarified that Atwal is not currently on the list of the banned terrorists released by India. On the question of Atwal’s arrest, the Ministry of External Affairs said that in some cases the sentence has been cut and it is not known whether any such case is going on or not.

Invitation on Canadian MP’s recommendation

It is believed that Atwal was invited to ban a feast with Prime Minister Trudeau on the recommendation of a Canadian MP. Atwal himself told the media that he has come to India on a private visit. In spite of the cleanliness of the Canadian High Commission and Prime Minister Trudeau himself, the sourness of the relations between the two countries has been rising and it has become deeper due to Jaspal Atwal.

Relationships with Atwal from ISYF
Atwal is currently a businessman in Canada, but has had an old relationship with his pro-Khalistan organizations. Right now he runs an online radio station, but in the past, his relationship has been with the restricted terrorist organization International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF). This is the same organization that had planned a blast in Air India’s aircraft in 1985. This organization is also prohibited in Canada, America and the United Kingdom except India. Atwal was arrested and sentenced to the charge of plotting to attack Punjab government in the city of Vancouver, in 1986.

Atwal is not an Indian citizen
A foreign ministry spokesman said, it is clear that Atwal is not an Indian citizen, then it has been given a visa. But it is being investigated whether a visa has been granted by ignoring the rule of law. Asked whether Atwal will be arrested in India, Kumar said that he has probably been bitten by his crime sentence. It is not clear whether there is a case pending in India against him or not.

From the first day in the travel controversy
Since Trudeau came to power, the Indo-Canadian relations are going on. The only reason behind this is that Trudeau’s policies have been supportive of Khalistan several times. In the meantime, Trudeau has clarified during this visit that he favors India’s solidarity and is a supporter of unity in diversity. But it is believed that in the wake of the general elections in Canada in 2019, he is trying to penetrate politics into diplomacy. There is a large number of people from Gujarat and Punjab in Canada. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh also raised the issue of Khalistani terror in the meeting with Trudeau.


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