Oscars – From “The Shape of Water” to “Dunkirk”, The Highlights of the American Night


That night, the Oscars ceremony handed out the trophies. Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” leads with four Oscars. But the record is very balanced after a ceremony that advocated diversity and equity.

90th Academy Awards – Oscars Show – Hollywood, California, U.S., 04/03/2018 – Guillermo del Toro accepts the Oscar for Best Picture for “The Shape of Water.” REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

“The Shape of Water”, a fantastic romance by Mexican Guillermo del Toro, triumphed on Sunday at the Oscars , after the evening he was the favorite, doubling the other pretender to the coveted statuette, “3 Billboards: The Panels of Vengeance”. The ceremony was marked by vibrant calls against sexual and racial discrimination.

Long live Mexico!

It was planned, it happened, Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Shape of the Water” is the biggest winner of the Los Angeles night by leaving with four Oscars and not the least: best film, best director but also decor and music . A deserved success as this love story between a dumb woman and an aquatic monster is one of the most original films of the year.

But Mexico is also in the spotlight with the two Oscars that won the cartoon “Coco”. He obtains the statuettes for best animated film and best song for “Remember Me”. It is true that this story of a music lover who goes to the world of the dead is one of the best cartoons of the year. It is signed Adrian Molina (Screenplay) and Lee Unkrich (Director) who told us this interview .


Agnès Varda and JR have not won the documentary Oscar. But with the Oscar for music for “The Form of Water”, France is honored since it is signed by Alexandre Desplat.

This is the second Oscar of the Frenchman who had already been honored for “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

“Dunkirk” at the top

This time, we do not speak of the North for the Ch’tis but for this great film by Christopher Nolan on the evacuation of the English armies from the Dunkirk pocket in 1940.

This film is on the second step of the evening with three Oscars: editing, sound and sound mixing.

3 Panels, 2 Oscars

Frances McDormand is the best American actress of the year. A fair reward for his character in Martin McDonagh’s “3 Billboards: The Panels of Vengeance” is a concentrate of humor and emotion.

She had already had a statuette for “Fargo” in 1997. And she was at the origin of one of the highlights of the ceremony by getting up all the women nominated in all categories.

Note that “3 billboards” also allows Sam RockWell to get the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor .

Smile for “Darkest Hour”

Two awards for Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour” that tell the same story as “Dunkirk” but seen from Churchill’s side normal.

Gary Oldman, best actor, is fantastic as British Prime Minister. And his physical transformation also deserved an Oscar for makeup and hairstyle.

“Blade Runner” Present

The new “Blade Runner” has not been forgotten with the rewards for photo and special effects and Logic too. The beauty of the images gives all its grace to Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049”.

We did not forget them

Here is a series of very interesting films and it is good that we have not been forgotten even if they have only one statuette. Best adaptation for the sensitive “Call Me by Your Name”.

Best screenplay for “Get Out”. It was just that this fantastic movie got a price as it brilliantly evokes the latent and permanent racism of the United States. Best costumes for “Phantom Thread”. It’s the least we can do for a film about a fashion man.

Best supporting role for Allison Janney, who in “I, Tonya” is the unclassifiable mother of skater Tonya Harding. She is sometimes best known for her participation in series like “Masters of Sex” or “Mom ” .

A video for the #MeToo

A video was presented by Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek and Annabella Sciorra, three actresses who were sexually harassed and threatened by producer Harvey Weinstein, latter claiming to have been raped by the fallen mogul.

The sequence opened with another actress harassed by Harvey Weinstein, Mira Sorvino who explained that since the fall, with the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, “everyone now has a voice to express something that has been going on forever, not just in Hollywood, but throughout society . ”

But the talk quickly widened to all the films that opened new ways in Hollywood since last year, from “The Big Sick”, whose hero is of Pakistani origin, to “Black Panther”, first Marvel movie dedicated to a black superhero, through “Lady Bird”, directed by a woman, Greta Gerwig.

“The changes we are seeing are driven by the powerful sound of new voices, different voices, our voices,” Ashley Judd said.

The other Oscars

Best foreign film “A Fantastic Woman”, a Chilean film by Sebastián Lelio released discreetly in France last summer.

Best documentary. “ICarus” on the doping system in Russia. Too bad for the beautiful “Faces, Villages” of Agnès Varda and JR. It is true that Agnes Varda had already obtained an Oscar of honor.

Best short documentary. “Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405”.

Best animated short film. “Dear Basketball”.

Best short film of fiction. “The Silent Child”.


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