Now south India; In Tripura, the BJP is also in the state of Karnataka


Bangalore: facing the flashing victory in the confidence of tripura, Karnataka polls, the BJP, the couple applied the same strategy used to defeat the southern states. In tripura, an anti-tank strategy is being planned in Karnataka too. The RSS leadership has informed the BJP about their readiness to do so.

The Karnataka constituency, Which was in front of Karnataka elections, joined the state-based Bengaluru constituency. The report said the meeting was scheduled to be held on the basis of a tactic to be taken in the elections. The RSS leadership said the organization was taking this responsibility to defeat the congress government led by Siddaramaiah.

The BJP leader confirmed the matter and said that it was the first time that the RSS had taken steps to act in Karnataka. The BJP leadership expressed its hope that the strong presence of the RSS would have a strong presence in the elections.

We do not oppose all the leaders of the Congress. The Congress has good leaders who do not insult the RSS. But Chief minister Siddaramaiah is different. The Rss state leadership alleges that he behaves like a communist.

The RSS has advised BJP to soften tactics to divide the votes of the backward sections and dalits that are locates behind Siddaramaiah and the MBJ is facing corruption charges. The following steps are necessary to overcome this. All RSS workers will vote for BJP. But not all BJPs are RSS workers. For this reason, the RSS assumes that the RSS workers in all booths are inevitable for the victory of the BJP.


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