Nokia Thermo – a Smart Thermometer that Really Helps

Nokia Thermo

The fact is that our house and appliances become smarter. Neither thermometers are no exception, so now, networked with the application, they are the right allies in the fight against colds.

Everyone knows how to use the classic thermometers. When we were little, it seemed almost impossible to set the body heat so that the mercury would drop to the pre-temperature level. Today, the story is quite different. Digital thermometers appeared which only need to be placed under the armpits and wait only a little time to immeasurably display the current body temperature.

These days, more and more smart thermometers appear. These devices can fade the temperature through the ears or foreheads, without the need for immediate contact. It is possible to buy them in most pharmacies, and they are almost unimaginable in families with small children. One of these is Nokia Thermo, whose features we are currently investigating.

Regardless of the fact that it is a regular thermometer, the temperature measurement method is very interesting, so Nokia Thermo can be classified without thinking into a group of smart devices.

Nokia Thermo
Nokia Thermo / Photo : SCRAPMYWALLET

Let’s start with hardware first. Nokia Thermo is a sleek, lightweight device with a fluorescent green cover. Before you turn it on, you probably will not even know how everything works. Just press only one button to make his genius look saturated. Nevertheless, the most important component of this device is its large 16-axis sensor, which is simultaneously directed to the flywheel and performs approximately 4,000 measurements to identify the hottest point.

In practice, we have not found a perfect match. Thermo has shown a different result for everyone. You should not be surprised if you get unusual results at first. You will need a certain amount of time to learn and to get used to with the movements that will direct the thermometer at the same point on your forehead. Over time, this system will become crystal clear. It’s important to note that this is not a classic device that you will buy and unpack just in the situation when you really need it. The manufacturer himself advises you to play with him at least. To start testing it on your own people and yourself, this will help you make moves, so that in the situation when you need the quick and precise results this device was of use.

It’s smart

It’s not as important as the Nokia Thermo looks good, or will you prefer its magnetic battery tank (working with two AAA batteries) instead of a plastic cover – the biggest attraction of this device is its software. At this point, we can greet with an infrared warmth and solemnly welcome the “smart warmth”. All of our measurements and results are recorded, and we can sort them into the application so that we can easily and thoroughly observe the development of our disease. Still, let’s get going.

Nokia smart temporal thermometer / Photo : ezshopex

Only downloading and installing the app is very easy (it works on both iOS and Android devices), and it’s also an inexhaustible partner for the toplum. However, we have encountered an obstacle already during the first attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network. It is a serious problem that becomes distinctive and recognizable for all of the Withings products. However, in this case, the biggest culprit was our router, because when we tried to connect to other networks, there was no connectivity problem. If you do not have an optical cable in your home or you have one same router for a long period of time, you will most likely encounter problems of that type. This problem can be insurmountable, as this is the only way to send your device data from the app. A good test is the ability to use the device in offline mode because it keeps all data and sends them to the application as soon as it reaches the appropriate network.

Since you can assign each of the scores to a particular family member, the device will automatically notify everyone who has installed this app. This makes a little complicated, because if every family member has their order, everyone will get results but will not be able to give them. Therefore, it is recommended to use only one order on all devices that you have. That way the entire family will be networked at any time

This also means that you will be able to have insight into the flow of you or your family members’ illness, since each temperature measurement will be recorded in a timeline. There is also the possibility of adding other information such as for example, to take a prescription. You will no longer worry about whether you have taken a tablet at 11 o’clock or not. It will help you. You also have the option to enter the symptoms or to add photos of the current state (if you want). The Edit option does not exist and the only thing you can do is clear the entire story history and start over again.

Nokia Thermo
Nokia Thermo / Photo : Youtube

You can also connect to the Health app, which does not necessarily have to be of crucial importance for purchasing this device. The Thermo application has a brilliant interface. It would be good if the physician could monitor the condition of his patients through the Health application. Just imagine the situation that you are sending your doctor’s information from your bed, and he sets you up for diagnosis and determines the therapy without spending hours in the waiting room waiting among other infected patients. Unfortunately, something so far is only possible in the movie.


So, we have a smart thermometer that is twice as expensive as infrared. First you have to know how to use it. Can we recommend it to you?

Without thinking, yes! We can definitely place this device in a group of necessary products. Nokia Thermo can no doubt be of help. After all, you know how it works, if you cannot let it go, it can only help you. All data will be chronologically recorded in the application. You can easily share your information with a doctor. We believe that after this many of you will begin to think that the next investment in your home is this small, compact and friendly device.

Nokia fever has started to expand widely in the market! Soon we will write about the smart scales, as well as the cameras.


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