Muslim dominated areas Slogan of ‘Indian Army Zindabad’ and ‘India I Love You’


Awadhesh Chauhan (Jammu). After the attack on the military brigade at Sunjwan, the feeling of nationalism has started rising in the people of Jammu. Before the attack, by the terrorists, the slogans of Go India, Go Back were written on the walls of the building, now  completely erased by them, people now wrote Vande Mataram, Indian Army Zindabad, I Love My India and Jai Hind on it.

In the slogans written in Muslim-dominated areas of Bhathindi, Noorabad, Jalalabad, people have given this message that they are patriots. They strongly condemn the attack on Sunjwan. Go Rohingya, Go Back’s slogans have been found written in many places in the area. There are allegations of involvement of Rohingyas in the attack.

Significantly, during the Sunjwan attack, slogans were found on the walls against India in this area. There was a rage in Jammu residents. Many organizations also protested on the street. If the security agencies believe that the Sunjwan attack strings are connected to South Kashmir. Security agencies are calling people in the areas surrounding the boundary of the military brigade for questioning.

Agencies feel that the raiders in the same areas remain Reiki in the area and they are in the same areas. Shakil Ahmad, Salim Khan, Majid Khan, a resident of Shunjawan, says that some mischievous elements want to defame the whole colony. We are the first Indians and later the people of any caste. He said that after the Sunjwan attack, the finger began to rise on Bhathinda, perhaps the attackers belonged to this area, but it is not that Hindustan is our ancestor and we are its unbreakable organ.


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