Mr. Xi is Definitely ‘number one’, ‘number two’ is Wang Qishan?


According to AFP news, the decision to reappoint Mr. Xi to a new term is as clear as day, but at the moment, every eye is attentively observing the “seat” of second power, whether it has previously given to Mr. Wang Qishan, who had contributed greatly to Mr. Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, as analysts say.

Over the past few days, the National People’s Congress has continued to expand the power that Mr Xi’s great power by adding Mr. Xi’s name to the constitution and abolishing the two-term power limit.

One noteworthy point in the revision of the Chinese constitution is that the president and other government officials will first have to take the oath of allegiance and declare allegiance to the constitution.

Who is Mr. Wang Qishan?

Mr. Wang, 69, former secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China. Last October, he retired.

Still, Mr. Wang holds the key position, always sitting at the table with six other members of the CPC Politburo Standing Committee at every plenary session of Congress.

Wang has been widely known internationally for his role as a leading figure in China’s commercial affairs.

However, observers also noted that China’s most important position was the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, whereby placing a retired loyalist into the deputy chairmanship, again, he was in conflict with the party rules and unspoken rules of succession.

“Dream Team”?

According to Hua Po, an independent Chinese political commentator, Xi will keep Mr Wang on his side for his “talent and talent.”

“Selecting Mr. Wang as vice president will undoubtedly unify his power,” Hua said.

“He is a very powerful man, and the problem is that he has few loyal and capable people for different use, so he will have to keep Mr. Wang for more time, ” Hua analyzed.

If this is the case, Mr. Wang will can also replace Li Yuanchao, an unlikely politician who has represented Mr. Xi in his overseas travels.

Wang has made regular trips to the United States. According to Kerry Brown, director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College in London, as an excellent economist, Wang could form a “dream team” in collaboration with another members of the board. Party leadership is Wang Yong, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, to respond to trade threats from the United States.


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