Mobile World Congress 2018: Upcoming Google Technology


As the time of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 is approaching, reports of announcement of several new tech announcements are also coming up. Google can announce big on this tech event in Barcelona, ​​Spain’s capital. According to the reports, the Google layer for Android mobile is bringing the Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality, it is necessary to first understand it. If you have seen the Ironman movie, you will remember that scene when the Ironman sees any person with all his information in the screen on his helmet. Augmented reality is also something like this. However, this technique is more accurate on the basis of reality and on the basis of theory.

If so many rumors are found, then in the Mobile World Congress, Google can present augmented reality technology. Although no official statement has been received by Google on this so far.

According to the reports, Google can launch ARCore 1.0 via the ARCore apps on the Google Play Store. Through this medium, the developer will be able to access 100 million devices. Although this technique will work and how it will be made successful between users, this is just a question. It is of course that if Google launches this technology, then in the coming time, the users smartphone will not be less than the gadgets of any film, where they will be able to access any information visually.


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