Measuring for Mulch in the Garden


Mulch is a garden must in Denver. Covering the garden with mulch keeps soil from drying out in Colorado’s semi-arid climate. In addition, you can limit watering to the area directly around your plants. Using these two tips saves water while giving plants the moisture they need. How do you know how much mulch your garden needs? There is a very simple method of measuring for mulch use in the garden. Calculating your mulch needs takes just a few minutes.

Steps for measuring mulch needs in the garden:

Measure the length and width of your garden area in feet.
Multiply the length by the width.
Multiply that result by the number of inches in depth you would like your mulch to be.
Divide by 324.
The result of these calculations will tell you the number of cubic yards of mulch to order.

Most gardeners use a covering of two or three inches of lightweight mulch. You can use these same calculations when purchasing gravel, soil or compost. Landscaping materials are not cheap. It’s best to know exactly how much you need to avoid waste.


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