Manage your iPhone with your eyes


The young WWDC conference participant has recently discovered, thanks to the new features of iOS 12, that you will only be able to manage your iPhone with your own eyes. This technology itself offers many potential fields of application.

Have you been bored of constantly touching your phone? Are your fingers tired? Have you encountered a finger fracture phenomenon due to the use of a smartphone? We have good news for you: thanks to iOS 12, which runs ARKit 2.0, you will soon have the opportunity to manage your iPhone with your eyes, while sitting on the couch, completely immovable.

The phenomenon of the ‘smartphone of a little finger’ really exists …

On a somewhat more serious side, this unusual method of interaction could have many advantages and opportunities, if you combine it with the use of fingers. When cooking, you do not have to touch your phone with dirty fingers. Of course, there are other potentials of this technology in the field of accessibility, for example, we would definitely welcome a function like this to manage Apple TV.

Matt Moss, a WWDC participant, had the opportunity to test the beta version of Apple’s iOS 12 developers. During testing, he discovered that the ARKit 2.0 extended reality platform offers several exciting features, such as eye tracking. He was interested in how much the function is precise, so he developed the application to test it.

Control your iPhone with your eyes. Just look at a button to select it and blink to press. Powered by ARKit 2. #ARKit #ARKit2 #WWDC #iOS

— Matt Moss (@thefuturematt) June 7, 2018

Well, it seems to be pretty precise (of course, we should not ignore the light conditions). The announcement shows that you can manage your phone just by looking at the keys and clicking on them when you hint. Very good!



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