Maldives Resort Secretly Develops Underwater Hotel Rooms

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Do you dream of sleeping underwater? May be you don’t, but there are thousands if not millions who dream of sleeping with the fish. So far there are very few underwater hotel rooms in the world and most of these are very much like a full size room in the deep, they are rather floating rooms just a few meter below the surface. So, these are less suitable to call underwater hotel room.

Earlier today Maldives Finest, a website that delivers travel news, announced that an underwater hotel room project has been on-going in one of the top luxury resorts. They also said it is near completion. According to Maldives Finest these rooms sit 18 meters below sea level and they are spacious like no other underwater room. The building material used is mainly acrylic glass that is super strong. Even the toilet gives view of the underwater coral gardens which attract divers and snorkelers around the world. Every year Maldives is visited by other a million tourists and most them are either scuba divers or snorkelers.

Few guests like the Chinese who mainly don’t know how to swim may never experience the real beauty of Maldives. For them it is enough to see picture square beaches and clear water lagoons. They take selfies and enjoy taking selfies everywhere.

conrad maldives islandsThe luxury underwater rooms are being built at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Once completed, these will be the most luxurious and spacious underwater rooms available anywhere in the Maldives. The rooms even come with elevator, shower and bathroom. Above the surface there is a complex with spa, dining and watersports facilities directly from there without taking the hassle of visiting these facilities established in the island.

According to Maldives Finest the resort is building 3 rooms and they are only accessible by boat, there is not jetty connecting to island in anyway. So, this gives guests seclusion and privacy they want. The wealthy travelers often demand high level of privacy and luxury; Conrad Maldives offers both at an unbeatable level.

conrad maldivesNow you may be wondering how much it costs and when does they open for bookings. The resort has not announced the new excitement as it has not been finished, may be they are waiting till it finishes and then to release the official information with prices. For now, Maldives Finest is only partly that has shared any information about this project. They said it costs US$90,000 per night. Now, this may be your lifetime travel budget, in this room you can only get one night. It is crazy right? May be not. Since Maldives is world famous for ultra-luxury tourism may be they can attract enough millions to keep the room filled up. It is just 3 rooms, and rich people often spend their money on crazy things. Conrad Maldives should have known well that many rich people crazy.

If you think you can never spend a night in this underwater hotel room there is another way. The resort is also planning to give this room for some selected number of guests who hold their membership program. How they select is yet unknown since resort is yet to officially announce the ingenious project. But, it a good sign that a trustable source from Maldives mentioned this point when they revealed the unknown secret project. It seems the lucky guests will only get one night there, for me that is totally fine. It would be great if many guests this opportunity, I think it is the only way most people can really get to experience the underwater sleeping.

If you become the lucky guest just think about how you would spend the night. All the fish around could see you and you could see them. Can the people on surface see you sleeping? In that case you should remember to wear your pajamas before going to bed. If the room is lit there is a high chance that it could be seen on the surface, may be not so clearly. But, if some people goes there for snorkeling they would see you down there. But, most guests do not mind this, or anything else when they are excited beyond description. But, there are others who are meticulous about everything and they not like to be spotted by other people when you are in toilet.


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