Luxury Tourism – 5 Sites to Follow in 2018

Luxury Tourism

Have you been traveling last year? Or did you not have enough time to spend your vacations well? Are you still stressed with work? Do you want to travel? As the New Year starts, it is wonderful to start planning your next trips as early as now. To help you with your escapades this year, here are some sites that showcase many extravagant destinations:

Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog is not just your ordinary travel blog. It provides information about the most majestic resorts, hotels and restaurants from all over the world. If you are up for a grand vacation, take time to read the articles featured in the site. Have a glimpse of what’s in store for you at the most elegant places on your next trip. Browsing the site would already let you feel you are in the place. So, book that ticket now!

Cyplon Holidays

Cyplon Holidays offers a variety of 5-star resorts in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Egypt, and Tunisia for you to choose from. Select the one that fits your idea of a perfect getaway. Beach front locations are quite popularly as they bring a quaint and soothing atmosphere. The breathtaking crystal clear white beaches are all definitely worth it as well! You can contact them immediately through chat assistance available 24/7. They would surely be glad to assist you and offer the best services they have. You may even read testimonials from previous travelers who enjoyed their trip through Cyplon Holidays.

Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast Traveller features all manner of vacation ideas for travellers of all ages. From beach and spa vacations, coast and countryside living, city breaks or just anywhere over the weekend, you have a variety to choose from. It also highlights the latest destination guides to many countries. Bring out the adventurer in you and experience a whole new vacation.


Want to pay a visit to Italy? You may want to stay there for a week or month long vacation, perhaps? Bridgewater is an ideal site for travelers to Italy who want to stay away from all the stress of everyday work life. It provides rental properties such as apartments and villas located in the most peaceful highlands. Spending your family vacation in Italy would be totally fantastic. If you are interested of purchasing a property in Italy, Bridgewater can certainly help you choose the best.


Who wouldn’t want a VIP treatment during a travel? Of course, everyone does. At Virtuoso, you are guaranteed to have a memorable once in a lifetime venture. Plan your trip through your Virtuoso advisor. You may arrange for a private tour to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. Do you want to travel to space? In collaboration with Virgin Galactic, your wishful thinking of travelling to space may just turn into reality. Be one of the few to be part of history!

Over the years, the tourism industry has been significantly progressing. Many people are enticed to travel more often to live a work life balance. Because of this, booking online reservations have essentially played a vital role in making your whole trip truly magical.


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