Lunar New Year to South Phu Quoc island

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The pristine island, white sand, blue water and clear sky. Travel to Nam Phu Quoc to bathe yourself in the early nature. But that does not mean that people come here just for bathing/watching the coral. Nam Phu Quoc New Year Mau Tuat has many attractive waiting.

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Nam Phu Quoc beautiful view from above – Photo: SG

Fairy Island

Ngoc Island owns a chain of 18 islands, of which only 5 islands are inhabited, most concentrated in large island is Thom island. The remaining islands have almost no human footprints.

So mentioning May Root, May Root Out, Ngang Island, Hon Tay island, Hon Vang … is referring to the beautiful pearls of the spot.

The water here is crystal clear, the sand is smooth like daughter skin. Here, the rocks stacked up, ken sea between mountains and forests, spectacular as installation exhibition of a certain artist.

Under the water is not a ripple in Ngam Ham, coral snakes hover like in the dance. No need to dive from the boat to look down to see the coral. Just come here, only to build a hut, living the island life.

Beautiful painting from above

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Nam Phu Quoc from Hon Thom cable car – Photo: SG

Hon Thom opened the world’s longest cable car. The cable car connects from An Thoi town, through Hon island, Dua island, to Thom island, to bring visitors to a modern entertainment complex, which is forming on the island.

And cruise on the sea with cable car will be an unparalleled experience when coming to Phu Quoc.

It is only from above scene that you can see how beautiful this paradise is, to see that what people are talking about Maldives, Bali (Indonesia) or Boracay (Philippines) also difficult comparing with with Phu Quoc of Vietnam.

The picture of the island from the cable car is a beautiful blend of colors. Pearls of the sea, the green of the jungle and the peculiar blue sky when the sun shines on the sea are awesome.

The point on that blue background is the blackish brown of the rock, when it bounces up the crooked white sand curves of the crescent moon which spots the red color of fishing boats.

Occasionally, a canoe dashes across the sea, leaving behind a long wave of mischief.

When it is captured in the eyes of a realistic scene that dream like so, suddenly see what we know about the An Thoi archipelago has long been, turned out to be just a very small angle.

Exploring “fun without limits”

Those who come to Thom island come to a whole new world of exploration and enjoyment, with a new entertainment complex called Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park opening with cable car.

Young people will love umbrellas, banana floats, or surf on jetski and joke with the waves. Exploring the ocean floor will be a myriad of interesting things, because instead of just holding your face in the water, you can dive in oxygen, walk to the bottom of the sea to touch the water and can enjoy the marvelous creatures of the ocean.

There is a kayak sport so that people can love it. There are also floats so children can play all day without getting bored. Golfers can play golf in the sea for free too.

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Hon May Rut view from Sky

Enjoy the culinary arts of the three regions

Going to the beach is a must to enjoy seafood. At Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, guests are served by hundreds of delicious delicacies and converged in a large dining area of ​​thousands of hectares right next to Trao beach – the most famous beach on the island.

There are 6 restaurants for guests to choose from a set menu or a dish or eat buffet or choose fresh seafood to cook the restaurant as per your taste.

The price of the food is unlikely to be affordable. To enjoy or buy specialties as gifts, there are specialty markets with all kinds of Southern fruits invite guests to enjoy.



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