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The word “YOGA” itself defines a name which is connected with the mind, soul and body and offers great health and wellness. Today is the life where everything is so stressful, whether we talk about the studies, the health, our job, and personal life. Nobody is happy from their life and there are a certain number of things always revolve around them which lead great problems. No matter whether you are looking for peace and happiness and would like to know the real meaning of life or thinking about to teach the world on how to live in a better way, there is no better solution than YOGA at all.

Yes, yoga is very popular not just in India – a place where yoga has been originated and practiced from the last several years now, but in all over the world. Talking about yoga and its heritage, this is something known as one of the cultural heritage of humanity. Yes, due to the popularity and several benefits of Yoga, it has become the 13th intangible cultural heritage that has been listed from India with the UNESCO.

Why yoga joined the UNESCO world heritage list? Well, this is called as the mind-body discipline best if offering amazing benefits to the health, mind, and soul as well as for living simple and honest living, it teaches us a lot. Yoga is exclusively designed to help individuals so that they can attain great benefits, including- build-up self-realization, get ease from any kind of mental tension and it also allows a state of liberation. Yoga is a treasure for all which our forefathers have practiced and offered their new generation so that they can also live stronger, sharper and can avoid the health issues.

It is important to know that yoga has been passed from one generation to another for years and it is best to be practiced by the young and old without discriminating against gender, class or religion. It is gifted from our forefathers and we should definitely think about the grab the opportunities and get ready to attain all the benefits. By practicing yoga, one can expect ultimate benefits, including- improved breathing for a peaceful mind, it reduces the fat from the body, the digestive organs stay active and it really relaxes the entire body. When we talk about its heritage, must know that yoga has originated in India and today everyone all around the world making the most of it. India is the only country which has put great efforts to preserve yoga and due to the same, it has got a major boost. Today, we celebrate the world yoga day on 21 June and everybody looks forward to attaining the ultimate advantages of the same. On 21 June people from all over the world have celebrated the day by doing yoga combined, which encouraged other people to do the same and make the habit of daily life. Learning yoga is simple today and if you would like to learn yoga in an authentic manner and with full dedication, you must visit India and join 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh and have great fun. Today various yoga ashrams or hermitages provide enthusiasts with additional opportunities to learn about the traditional practice as well as people can check out the ancient manuscripts and scriptures are also used in the teaching and practice of yoga.

Practicing yoga is not all about to get trained in order to help others to learn the same and earn money, but it is the best way to streamline our lives and ensures to help us getting a pure, happy and healthy life. So, just enjoy yoga join the best yoga teacher training in rishikesh and it will help in leading life successfully.


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