Is it worth buying an Apple Watch S1 in 2018?


In this article we will discuss whether to buy Apple Watch Series 1 today or it’s time to get a newer model. Of course, demand depends on many things, but it’s probably the best Apple product in terms of price and quality.

Apple devices have always been known for their durability. The same goes for Apple Watch. This is an excellent average for every smartphone, as well as for a smart watch.

So far, four different series of watches have been launched: the original (S0) 2015, Series 1 and 2 2016, and Series 3 2017. However, only S1 and S3 are currently produced and available in the market. Therefore, every customer can rightly wonder which model is best to buy, and whether it is worthwhile to buy Series 1 from 2016, which is now two years old. Well, let me help you to make the right decision!

To begin with, it is best to see what the best features of S3 are and how important these functions are for you. Here is a list of special features and functions offered by S3:

• Built-in GPS + Cellular, Barometer Height Meter
• Waterproofness up to a depth of 50 meters
• Faster dual-core processor (S3)
• Support for AirPower

Let’s check now how many of these functions are useful in real life. The question of the height barometer and the in-built GPS should be considered in the context of our connection with the iPhone. Honestly, I think that these features have caused a much bigger noise than needed.

You cannot have Apple Watch without the iPhone. This is an indisputable fact. Your watch’s in-built GPS can be convenient in situations where you have free hours, but you do not have a cell phone with you, for example when you go running. But to be honest, how often does this happen? Very rare! Is not it. I believe that they do only a few things. The thing is that those models with little calibration and no GPS can make almost accurate training calculations even when you do not have mobile phones with you. Of course, GPS is more precise, but it’s not a feature that simply needs to have a more expensive Series 3.

However, waterproofness is a completely different matter. Series 1 has “only” surface waterproofing, which means you do not need to remove it when you wash your hands, but it will not work for you if you will dive into the water. On the other hand, Series 3 is waterproof to a depth of 50 m, you can carry it while you are swimming, diving, and even while showering. Now the question is 1) Do you wanna wear a watch on your hand while you are showering in bathroom? and 2) how often do you swim outside?

I think the answer to the first question is clear and loud NO, but if you are a regular swimmer, then you have nothing to think about it. Just go ahead and buy it. In all other cases such waterproofness is an expensive option and it is not worth paying for it.

The same goes for speed. Of course, it is faster, and the dual-core processor. S3 is considerably faster than S1. But ask yourself what you need from Apple Watch. If you often use apps on it, then it’s for your utilization. However, if you just need notifications and exercises, you will not feel any difference. Maybe it will make some difference when they come with watchOS 6 or 7 with some brutal apps, but we’ll have to wait a long time for that.

In the end, I’ll talk about AirPower, Apple’s wireless charger that can charge iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, Apple Watch and AirPods. So, if you are already sure that you will buy and use it, I have no further questions. Likewise, if you know this is not something for you, there is no need to pay for that feature.

After answering the following four questions, you will be able to make the decision easily:

1. How important is it always to have iPhone in my hand?
2. How often do I swim and dive if I want to wear Apple Watch on these occasions?
3. How often do I use apps?
4. Will I Buy AirPower?

Of course, it all comes down to individual wishes, but I personally believe that all Series 1 owners are perfectly happy with it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who just wants quality digital hours. For those who have higher expectations, I would recommend Series 3.

So, to answer the question of the title: Is it worthwhile to buy Apple Watch S1 in 2018?

Absolutely yes! This is the product with the best price and quality ratio.


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