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This is the Fifth consecutive year and the ninth time Changi Airport has received the ‘Aerospace Award’ for the best airport in the world, since 2000 in the Skytrax World Airport Award .

Changi International Airport (Singapore) is an important gateway of Asia in general and of Southeast Asia in particular and is one of the world’s leading cargo airports.

With an area of ​​1,300 hectares, Changi Airport is home to over 100 airlines, to 400 cities in 100 countries and territories.

About 7200 flights depart from Changi each week, serving tens of millions of passengers and transporting over two million tons of cargo.

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At the Skytrax awards ceremony last week, Changi Airport was honored to receive the best airport award in the world.

This is the sixth year in a row and the ninth time this airport has received the “Oscars of the aviation industry” since 2000 in the Skytrax World Airport Award .

In addition, Changi Airport has also won other awards such as the “Best Airport” and “Best Shopping Airport” in 2009.

Changi Airport is highly regarded for its cleanliness, security work, forwarding, staffing, catering, shopping, transportation, and leisure facilities.

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By 2017, Changi Airport has welcomed and served 62.2 million passengers and is the seventh busiest international airport in the world.

However, airport officials hope the launch of the new T4 terminal in November 2017 will increase the total capacity of Changi to 82 million passengers by 2018.

Terminal T4 was invested with a total cost of 944 million USD, on the premises 225,000 m2, equivalent to 27 football grounds.

T4 is one of the few pioneers in applying the latest security technology in luggage scanning, body scanning, biometric technology and self check-in.

Passengers will experience a variety of new entertainment features such as a huge 70m LED display for live entertainment while awaiting the many architectural works combining the technological and art elements to be contemporary settings.

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In addition, T4 Terminal also owns 62 stores and 19 restaurants for travelers exploring traditional cuisine and shopping for local products and souvenirs.

Luxurious amenities like rooftop swimming pools, movie theaters, hotels, spas … even a botanical garden with hundreds of different plant species representing the climates of the world.

It is one of the few five-star airports in the world, next to Hong Kong International Airport, Incheon International Airport (Seoul), and Haneda Airport (Tokyo).

No plans to stop here, Changi airport officials are planning to “upgrade” the airport with the T5 station project named Jewel Changi with a five-storey glass dome architecture, is the world’s largest indoor waterfall, botanical garden.

T5 is expected to be put into operation in 2019, doubling the capacity of passenger services.


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