India has Taken Major Decisions Before China Gives Lifetime Presidency to Xi Jinping

Narendra modi with Xi Jinping

India is feeling uneasy after China has cleared the path to handover lifetime Presidency to Xi Jinping. This dissonance is also about the growing power of China somewhere and through its continuous practice to encircle India. Somewhere this disorder is also right. But now that China’s Xi Jinping is only living in lifetime presidency, it is also important that relations between the two countries must improve. During the fresh decisions taken by Xi in China and its whims, India had already started it on its behalf. This was the reason why the statement from the Foreign Ministry of China that the two countries should come together and play fair game.

India is in favor of talks

As far as India’s initiative is concerned, India has been favored by negotiating China’s aggression from the very beginning. Regardless of why the last year’s issue, which India had taken a step forward to solve. The result was that the doklam controversy had stopped at that time. However it is also true that this issue is once again coming to highlight.

A big question

Meanwhile, there is a big question as to how many incidents will happen in India and China relations in the coming days and how India will have to take initiative for this. In this regard, Professor Harsh V Pant, the Observer Research Foundation, said that India has already started working in this direction. According to him, sweetening relations with China is involved in India’s priority since the beginning. That is why India has decided not to fall in the Tibet and China disputes. In view of this decision, the Foreign Secretary has also written a letter to the Cabinet Secretary regarding a program on April 1, 2018. This program is being organized by Tibetans in Delhi. This has been given the name of Thank You India. According to Harsh V Pant, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale has written directly in his letter that the time is very important about the relations between India and China. They have also said that such programs should not be given more attention to the presence and program of government officials.

China’s Emotional Engagement from Tibet

It is very important to understand this point because China has an emotional link with Tibet. At the same time, resentment from China is also about the fact that India has kept the Dalai Lama as refuge in India. This dispute between the two countries is quite old. The initiative that India has taken on the involvement of government officials in the program of Tibetans gives a clear indication that India is now keen to end this dispute here. At the same time, India does not want to have hatred in both countries on the issue of Tibet. So this issue needs to be sorted out by China with the Dalai Lama or others.

Narendra modi with Xi Jinping

India introduced maturity

Apart from this, India has also introduced the growing maturity on the issue of Maldives. While ascertaining the increasing threat from China in the Maldives, India has also decided not to promote tension here. According to him, the statement given by the Chinese Foreign Minister already expected from China. Apart from this, Foreign Secretary Gokhale visited Beijing last month. This visit was very important about the improvement of relations between the two countries. However, the script of this journey was written last year.

Prime Minister Modi will visit China

Professor Harsh V Pant also says that India is taking the initiative to strengthen relations with China. That is why in June Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also visit China. He will be taking part in the Shanghai Corporation Organization Summit here in Qingdao. According to him, there will be a debate on the relations between the two countries in the dialogue that will be held during this period, along with putting the Pakistan in the Gray List and in which it will develop China’s stand-up. Pant believes that the practice of improving relations with China is not being done only this time, but in 2007, the cabinet secretary wrote a letter asking all ministers not to participate in any program against China. . With regard to a program organized by the Dalai Lama at that time, the Cabinet Secretary had written a letter.

Disputed issues raised with understanding

Pant also says that after the Doklam controversy, it is also necessary that India be able to uphold every disputed issue and take it in front of China with a clear understanding. This is because India and China are neighbors and China’s role in Asia can not be ruled out. It is worth mentioning that the ASEAN presidents took part in the Republic Day celebrations this year. Pant believes that these countries can play an effective role in maintaining the balance of power in Asia. Apart from this, tactics created by India, Japan, Australia and America can also move forward.


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