India – Floods in Kerala have Displaced more than a Million People


The “monsoon of the century” began on August 11 and the first recession began only eight days later, this Sunday, August 19. More than 410 people lost their lives in the floods, and more than one million people were displaced.

More than a million people are accommodated in IDP camps in Kerala, state officials in southern India said on Tuesday, after a brutal monsoon killed more than 410 people.

“The number of people in the humanitarian camps is now 1,028,000, ” Subhash TV, a spokesman for the local government, told. Rescuers have also discovered six new bodies on Monday, carrying the human toll to more than 410 dead since the start of the monsoon in June.

In Chengannur, one of the most affected cities, water is still high approx. sixty centimetres continued to block many roads. The rain is continuing, but of less intensity than the previous week.

“People are not used to that”
According to the Indian army on the ground, several thousand people are still in flooded homes in the city. According to one officer who did not wish to be named, most of these people do not wish to be rescued but only to receive food and drinking water.

“In the past, there was never more than 30 centimetres of water, people are not used to that,” said KG Pillai, a resident who saw the water rising nearly 2.5 meters in his house, rescued Tuesday by a team of rescuers.

The rains have caused the destruction of 50,000 homes, reported Shashi Tharoor, Kerala MP and former senior UN official.

The total damage cost for the floods is estimated at three billion dollars by the local authorities, an amount likely to increase as the decline reveals the extent of the ravages.


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