In latest funny stories: UberEats driver eats customer’s fries, gets captured on CCTV

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Every day, at one place or the other, some hilarious incident takes place. And as we live in modern world and are blessed with digital technologies and tools, CCTV cameras are very often spotted on streets, in front of houses and almost every nook and corner.

Recently, a funny incident got recorded in the CCTV camera of a person in Australia. And ever since it appeared on social media, it is doing a pretty good job to become one of the top funny stories.

So, what was the incident all about?

This story began, when a person ordered some food from UberEats and was expecting the delivery anytime soon. Meanwhile, the delivery guy who was supposed to bring the order, was probably doing his shift on an empty stomach.

Because when he reached the customer’s house, and rang the doorbell, he couldn’t help but grab a few fries out of the food box and gulped it down almost instantly. All this took place while he was waiting for the customer to open the door.

So, you can totally imagine the time window he got. He even cleaned his hand by rubbing it at the back of his jeans, but the disaster had already taken place.

What was the disaster?

Well, he could have easily gotten away with a couple of fries in his tummy. But, the whole stealing and eating incident got captured very clearly in the CCTV that was mounted at the customer’s house. He was caught red-handed because there was no explanation that could prove otherwise.


After all, the CCTV was right next to the door that clearly showed the delivery guys face.

What was the reaction of the customer?

Of course, the customer was amused by the whole incident and took the help of a friend at a local radio channel to put this on social media.

This triggered a mixed reaction from the audience. Apparently, few people think that the delivery guy served the customer in the right way because he was taking too long to answer the door.

And undoubtedly, this whole incident is one of the top funny stories I came across today.

How did UberEats respond to it?

After watching the video, an UberEats spokesperson told DailyMail Australia that they know how important food safety is, and they ask delivery partners to take great care during the delivery process to ensure the quality of meals they deliver for restaurants reflect the restaurant’s standards.

He went further and said,” Delivery partners using UberEats are expected to comply with the Uber Eats community guidelines which explain they can lose access to the app for tampering with orders. We encourage users of the app to contact us with any concerns or issues they may be having and we will work to resolve these with them”.

It seems that the customer might have got a refund or apology from the UberEats team because there isn’t any hullabaloo from his end anymore.

In Conclusion:

UberEats might have solved the problem at their end but one thing is for sure, that this story travelled all the way from Australia just by using various channels of social media. And surprisingly, it is being consumed as one of the funny stories in India too.

This makes me wonder that today, social media is becoming the next powerful tool when it comes to spreading a news or a story. And spreading funny stories is one of the best uses of this platform.

Do you agree?


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