Hyderabad – A comprehensive tour of the City of Pearls

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The city dotted with historical sites all across the city, the young city of Hyderabad is one of the most celebrated cities in India. Apart from growing rapidly in the field of science and technology, the city is also slowly becoming a stronghold for young excitement seeking youngsters.

Hyderabad, the former princely state is a city brimming with various sites and sights all over the city. The city is a foundation of history, society, culture, tradition and a charm which manages to draw in a huge crowd each year. The city has a considerable number of landmarks, bazaars, beautiful modern infrastructures. Emerging as one of the top cities of India, it has incredible accessibility and connectivity. You can catch one of the Hyderabad to Bangalore flights if you so wish easily.

The city of Hyderabad has also been dubbed the “City of Pearls” as it was the main pearl exchange point in India. Hyderabadi pearls have for quite some time been treasured and extremely popular for their quality and gloss. Say the name of pearls to anybody in the gems exchange India and the name the person will call out will be that of Hyderabad. The city is a one-stop-destination for the uncommon, luminescent, delicate, tear drop pearls. Wide range, cost and unrivaled quality are a portion of the elements, which make the city a genuine pearls heaven. From refined pearls to the uncommon ‘Basra’, the city has every one of them.

The shopaholics have much to do at the Pearl City, Hyderabad. To go berzerk, visit the Laad Bazaar, where you will encounter the mind boggling shopping scene of Hyderabad. Look at a percentage of the valuable pearls and antique adornments in the shops close Charminar. Basheerbagh, Abids and Nampally are a percentage of the real malls one ought to always remember to investigate. Antiques, artefacts and old silver pieces can be found in numerous shopping slows down in Hyderabad. Appreciate the magnificent extravagance Hyderabad can offer you.

A talk about Hyderabad cannot be over without a mention of their food. Hyderabad biryani is a standout amongst the most well-known dishes of the area, it is famous in all parts of India and the world over. One ought not miss to taste the notable dishes like Hyderabadi Biryani and Hyderabadi Haleem. The cooking of Hyderabad is the ideal mix of Mughal and Arab culinary style. Complete off your illustrious dinner with tasteful local treats like Qubani Ka meetha, Double Ka Meetha and Kaddu Ki Kheer. Try all the rich and delectable delicacies Hyderabad has to offer in its fine dining restaurants, dhabas and roadside eateries. Although you may have tried different variants of the Hyderabadi biryani your whole life, Hyderabad makes it in the most authentic way and the flavour it packs cannot be compared with any you have tried in the past.

Plan a visit to this majestic city this coming holiday season. Hyderabad is somewhat the ground where the Northern and Southern culture converge together. Although a tad more inclined towards the South Indian culture, Hyderabad is growing into this extraordinarily exciting city which is fast becoming one of the most favoured destinations of the youngsters in the country.


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