Hunting planes shot in Kashmir – Pakistan releases video of captured Indian pilot

Hunting planes shot in Kashmir

A video showing, according to the Pakistani public television and radio, a pilot captured after his fighter plane was shot down in Pakistan’s airspace was broadcast on Wednesday. “We see a man with a bloody, blindfolded face wearing an Indian Air Force uniform” one civilian described.

The Pakistani public television and radio broadcast a video on Wednesday showing an Indian pilot captured after his fighter plane was shot down in Pakistani airspace . Two Pakistani security sources confirmed the authenticity of the video to AFP.

The video shows a man with a bloody, blindfolded face wearing an Indian Air Force uniform with his hands tied behind him while another soldier interrogates him. He declines his identity and his number, but refuses to answer other questions: “I’m not supposed to tell you that,” he says. In a photo, which has also been authenticated by security sources, the pilot can be seen alongside a Pakistani soldier.

“Only a pilot is detained by the Pakistani army”

The Pakistani army later released another video showing the same man sitting drinking tea in a room in an unfamiliar place. “The tea is excellent,” he says in English, adding that he is married and has been treated well but refusing to answer other questions again.

On the other side Pakistan said on Wednesday it shot down two Indian fighters in Pakistan’s airspace . The army initially reported the capture of two Indian pilots, before later saying on Twitter that “only one pilot is detained by the Pakistani army” and that he is being treated “according to the standards of ethics military “.

International community fears open conflict

Raveesh Kumar, spokesman for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced on Wednesday that India shot down a Pakistani plane in Kashmir – But Islamabad denied that – and again he said we “lost a Mig-21” . “One of our pilot is missing in action. And Pakistan claims that the pilot is in pakistan and safe.

This is all happened because Indian army said on Tuesday it conducted a “preemptive strike” against a training camp in Pakistan of the Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

This outbreak of fever alarms the international community, which fears an open conflict with dramatic consequences between the two neighbors who have been tearing each other apart for decades on the Kashmir issue.


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