Huawei attacks Samsung and Apple with trucks outside their stores


The Chinese brand Huawei started with an aggressive advertising campaign in Europe to promote its next release, the P20.

The war began, gentlemen. Grab your favorite weapon and get ready for the battle that has already started in Europe, thanks to Huawei.

This is because according to what informs The Inquirer , some “strange things” have been seen quite interesting.

We know that on March 27, Huawei presents its new high-end, the P20, so the promotion became entertaining:

This photo was captured outside an Apple Store in the United Kingdom, where two Huawei trucks were parked with the legends “BE PATIENT” and “WAIT”, always highlighting the A and I, by Artificial Intelligence.

As if it was not enough attack, neither the paths were saved:

“The Renaissance is coming,” says Huawei, promoting its launch and, apparently, leaving these scratched out of Samsung stores as well.

It is undoubtedly a daring move by the Chinese company, we hope that the team is up to the advertising campaign and marketing efforts made by Huawei.

The scenario facing the terminal is complex, on the one hand Apple has its iPhone X , which despite having divided reviews. On the other hand, Samsung recently released its Galaxy S9 and also proved to be a good team.


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