How to Take Quality Photos in Your Home, at a Window, or with a Backdrop


In order to create professional photography, you need a studio and a vast arsenal of expensive equipment right? Wrong. You can create quality photos at home, without all of the high tech gadgets. The reason why you should master quality photography at home is simple: better business prospects. For example, you can create great product photography for websites like eBay or Etsy, and increase the sale of your merchandise on those online stores.

Product photos are not the only reason to master the art of photography; you can get many jobs as a freelancer as long as your portfolio looks good. However, in this article, we will primarily focus on quality photography at home, or product photos. Here are some tips on how to create exceptional images of your merchandise at home, at a window, or with a backdrop.

The first thing you will need, or the most essential thing, is a camera. Luckily, you do not need the latest model or a really expensive piece of equipment. Digital cameras become more affordable each year, and an average camera will get the job done if used right. Moreover, you don’t even have to buy a camera if you have a good one on your smartphone.

In case you are using a DSLR, you should not use a wide angle lens, because it will distort your product. You should use a tripod. This will eliminate the possibility of ending up with a blurred picture due to shaky hands, and it gives you an option to capture items from better angles with ease. Also, tripods are not too expensive, so you should invest in this piece of equipment.

White background
There are many ways to have a white background in your images. The easiest way is to have pristine white wall paint in your home that you can use as a background. Another way to have a white background, or Mat board, is to buy a white board, and place it behind the product.

Alternatively, you can use a white bed sheet; just make sure that it is not visible. You should iron it, and find a surface that you will cover with it so that it looks like a white wall. If people can notice it, your photos will look unprofessional.

You can also add the white background during the photo editing process, but this is by far the most difficult option compared to the others. So, if there is no need to go through this unnecessary trouble, don’t, because you will need to apply shades and edit the photo more than necessary, which will be really time consuming. And, other options are really not expensive, so no need to overcomplicate this.

The easiest and the most expensive way to do this is by simply buying the so called light tent. This will also solve your white background problem and you will have a perfect way to give your photos enough light. Light tents are around $100 on Amazon which is why you might not be fond of this option.

You can easily avoid this kind of purchase if you take shots during the day in a room that has a good light source. So, set up your DIY studio underneath the window, and your photos should be good. Of course, it is a bit inconvenient to wait for perfect conditions, so it is reasonable if you are not thrilled with this solution.

Finally, you can create your own light tent using table lamps with white light bulbs and with a Mat board. You can look up instructions for this online, and it won’t cost above $50 (the white tent cube itself is only $20 on eBay) to create, plus it is easy to do it.

Edit your photos
Finally, once you have taken your photos using all of the instructions above, you need to edit them. Do not think of this step as unimportant, because all of the top sellers definitely edit their product photos before posting them.

You can use a photo editing tool or app, to make this process a lot easier. There are a lot of apps that can help you apply filters easily, and if they are good, this job will be done really fast. If you want to step up your game and be more competitive, then you should try something a bit more complex and use Photoshop on your computer. Luckily, there are action packs for photo editing tools like Photoshop that can also help you apply filters or effects with ease. You should look into HDR filters since they can be really good for this type of thing.
In case you do not have the best of luck with these edits, you can always outsource this part. After all, you do not need anything that is time-consuming, so you will have all of your photos edited at a rather reasonable price.

Taking photos of your handmade products has never been easier. Today, you no longer need pricey equipment or to hire a professional to help you out. The majority of work can be completed by you, and you will need only minimal external help, if any. So, follow the tips provided above, and enjoy the success of your online store.


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