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Raise your hands up, if you really want to travel this year, but don’t really have money to make this possible!
It is actually possible though, you just have to do a few things and follow certain tips, and you’ll be right there to explore everything on a budget and yet have fun.

Indeed, it is true. You can save a fortune on your air fares by following a few steps and preparing yourself for it.
First and foremost, if you’re a serious traveler, its assumed that you would be planning your journey in advance and you’ll make sure everything is in place.
But, always remember that having a travel insurance is actually quite important because it can save you from spending hundred bucks just in case of any mishap.

1: Keep a tab on the changing airfares and book the lowest fare as the first preparation of your travel. It’s good to forget those luxuries in the First Class and Business Class, when on a budget.
2: Getting connecting flights can also help a lot.
3: Purchase round trip tickets, and try landing back on the same airport. It’s relatively cheaper.
4: Take minimum luggage with you, because exceeding your luggage can cost you a lot.
5: Compare all your expenses before you travel. Supposing, the destination you’re choosing to travel is in the same country, then it’s a better option to take a road trip.
6: Sign up and look into different sites that offers deals and coupons on cheaper tickets.


Nope, you shouldn’t skip your meals, but there is actually no need of going to fancy hotels to eat. It’s obvious that when you’re on a budget, eating at exotic restaurants can seem to be a bad idea. So, when on travel you can save a great deal of money if you plan your meals accordingly.
1: Beat the hunger at local restaurants at much lesser prices. Also, by doing this you might end up savoring a local delicacy maybe?

2: While traveling, eating fruits can also be a good choice.

3: If you’re planning to eat at any restaurant, then try eating lunch. Lunches are cheaper than dinners usually.

4: Cook for yourself if it is possible.

5: Keep eating bites at regular intervals. These will help you to not feel hungry for a long time.

6: To drink or to not drink is always a big dilemma for the most of us. Drinking liquor occasionally is advisable, although hitting the bar everyday can cost you a bundle.


This can come as a surprise to a lot of you, but you can save most of your money by just cutting down on your transportation. Just by adjusting a bit with your luxury, you can have a nice vacation.
Avoid traveling privately. The reason being that the joy of traveling is only enjoyed when you travel just the way the locals do.
1: Always have your local transport schedules in hand and opt for that. It can help you reach your destination sooner and faster.

2: Many destinations have the facility of tourism cards. It’s amazing to know how discounted your travel can get with the help of tourism cards.

3: Use shared transport to save more and a cheaper way of traveling. It also gives you a chance of meeting fellow locals.

4: If you want to rent a car for yourself, then look for discounts and best deals and coupon codes especially if you’re booking online.


The type of accommodation you’re choosing also plays an important role in your overall travel expenses. If you’re in the mood to adjust on your sleeping luxury, then there are various cheaper accommodations you can opt for which is even available almost everywhere.
Quick tip: Carry your foldable sleeping bags, they help a lot. So no matter where you are, you’ve got your cozy bed with you.
1: Don’t hesitate in opting for hostels and shared apartments. You might end up saving enough to visit an expensive place for sightseeing.
2: Consider staying in small towns instead of big cities. You’ll be surprised on the difference in the cost.
3: You can also stay in free places where people are willing to offer you a place to stay in return of helping them with farming or other activities. If you’re a solo traveler, this can be exciting.


Who doesn’t like shopping? It’s the most difficult part of the travel but it is actually quite important. But anyway, where you shop from actually matters and it is here where the money plays its tricks.

1: But again, traveling isn’t about shopping. Branded showrooms are everywhere, but why not try the local markets? It’s cheap and affordable and offers things that mostly belong to that place itself.

These money saving tips are applicable to almost all the destinations. For people on a budget, these tips will surely help you in some or the other way.
Bon Voyage!


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