How to Save Kids from Stalkers and Predators

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The adult world possesses innumerable vulnerabilities for younger children and it includes stalking and child predation among others. The unsupervised kids are more likely to get trapped by prowlers, predators and pedophiles disguised as friends. Parents are needed to be watchful for their kids to ensure their protection from the cruelties of the real and digital world. In this article, we have discussed how parents can monitor their children and protect them from stalkers, predators and other scoundrels.

Who are Stalkers and Predators?

The stalkers and predators are crooks the main objective of whom is to trap younger children for sexual and monetary gain. A stalker or predator can be anyone and anywhere. It might be a school mate, a trainer, a neighbor or a friend. The stalker keeps an eye on movements of the target to harass or exploit him. The predators are those who trap the target with flattery, attention and sweet talk. Their only intention is to con the target for fulfilling sexual needs. A predator can also be a pedophile who sexually abuse younger boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13.

What is Online Stalking and Predation?

The online stalking and predation is not different than the real-life prowling and molestation. It happens on the social media and many other commonly used online platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The online stalkers keep an eye on every social media post of the target. They can make annoying comments on these posts. The identity of a stalker can be identified or unidentified.

parental app

On the other hand, the online predators are adults who trap younger children for sexual exploitation. They reach the target through social media, instant messenger, blog, chat-room or other online platforms. They misuse Facebook-like sites to collect information about the target such as their habits, routines, contact details, residential details, liking, disliking and more. They use this information to impress the target and convince them to enter into a romantic relationship. Once the target enters into relationship, they use them for sexual exploitation.

How to Protect Kids from Stalkers and Predators?

The most feasible way to protect kids from stalkers and predators is child monitoring. Parents must keep an eye on their offspring to safeguard them from the potential threats. However, it is not possible for working parents to supervise their kids or stay with them all the time. In this situation, they can take help from parental control and child monitoring app. The app lets them see where their offspring are and what are they doing. It also lets them know if their kids face any threat. Read on to know how child monitoring app helps parents to protect their children from stalkers and predators.

Child Monitoring App

Child monitoring solution helps parents out of the box. It enables them to supervise their kid’s every single movement and activity. The high-tech child tracking app enables parents to remotely monitor real and digital lives of their children. It helps them to safeguard their children from dangers of stalking, child molestation and other potential threats. We have discussed here how the app enables parents to protect kids from the cruelties of the adult world.

How Child Monitoring and Parental Control Works

The mobile app for child monitoring allows parents to be virtually present around their kids twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. It lets them see what kids do at school, play areas and in front of mobile phone and computer screens. It also lets them know how people in their kid’s surroundings behave. For instance, if someone at your kid’s school annoys him by name calling or adopting any other teasing behavior, the app would let parents know about it.

The only thing to do is the app installation. Once you download and install the parental control app on your kid’s smartphone, you can remotely witness activities performed on and in the surroundings of the monitored device. The tracking app comes with an online control panel through which parents can supervise their kids. They can send commands to the targeted mobile phone and can access important information saved on the device. The best thing is that you can do all this without letting your kids know. The app works with secrecy without leaving any clue of monitoring.

Combat Stalking and Predation in Real-Life

There are only a few mobile apps that allow witnessing real-life activities of the object. It lets you be virtually present around your children to ensure their safety. No matter where you are you can follow your kids to secure them from molesters and pursuers. Using the spy app, you can turn on camera of your kid’s phone to see what is happening in the surroundings. You can also listen to conversations of your kids and their fellows to make sure they do not get trapped by scoundrels. By turning on camera and microphone of your kid’s smartphone, you can witness them from anywhere and anytime.

Prevent Online Stalking and Predation

The parental control app also allows supervising the digital life of your offspring. It lets you know if your kid is being followed by an online stalker or child predator. The app installed on your kid’s phone syncs social media posts, text messages, contacts and call details. It uploads entire data to the web portal of the tracking app to make it available for parents. If your kid receives noticeable comments on his social media posts by a predator, the app lets you know about it.

In addition to it, the parental control app lets you read SMS, MMS, instant messages and social media chats of your kids. It lets parents know if their kid communicates with a predator in any form. Also, the app secretly records phone calls made and received by your kid to protect them from annoying and harassing calls from followers and blackmailers.


In short, if an online predator tries to access and trap your kid through any digital platform, the child monitoring app lets you know about it and helps to protect your little one.


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