How to move a piano on your own?

How To Move a Piano

Your house has some heavy and tricky belongings and one of them is your beloved Piano. Moving a piano can be troubles, especially when you are doing it without the professional help. But, if you have already decided for a DIY move, it is important that you know the basics of how to move a piano.

What makes moving a piano complicated is, its fragile, delicate and expensive nature. Moreover, it is also large and heavy, which alone is a big concern. In this post, we are sharing some pro tips to move a piano, which will help you make the tough job easy and help you move your piano to the desired address.

Weight is the key:

Pianos are heavy and moving that heavy an object needs a lot of strategy. What makes moving piano more complicated that it is only the upper body of the instrument that makes it heavy. The lower part of the instrument, the legs, are light and very delicate. To make sure you move the piano intact, from one place to another, you need to learn how to balance its weight. No one wants to experience damage during the moving process and by learning how to handle the weight of the piano, you can make the entire process easy and damage free.

Get a tam:

The best way to move a piano is to move it with a team. It is not a one man’s job and you will need a team of at last four people. Two of the strong members of the team can bear the weight while the other two would guide the instrument from out of the house to the loading truck.

Stay prepared:

You cannot handle a piano when you aren’t prepared yourself. So, first of all, get yourself comfortable clothes and footwear. Do not war any jewelry while moving a piano as it may get stuck with the instrument and may lead to an injury or damage.

Prepare your piano:

Once you have prepared yourself, it is now time to make some preparation with the piano. As you are moving the piano on your own, you won’t be having any professional gar. You can anytime rent all the required tools, or arrange for makeshift gear. You will need some furniture strap, furniture dollies, and some blankets. The strap will help you keep the piano in its place throughout the moving process, the dollies come handy in rolling the piano over the floors and the blankets are important to wrap the piano.

Start the moving:

To load the piano on the dollies, lift the piano from one side and then from the other and slid the dolly under the piano. As you move the piano from on room to another, make sure to avoid any walls or corners as thy may leave a scratch or dent on your instrument.

It is always better to hire professionals to help you with your piano move. But, if you are all prepared to ta kth big jobs on your own, these tips will help you do that successfully.


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