How to Increase your Laptop Speed without Additional Hardware?


A laptop is one of the key gadgets that most of the people own. Although they work without performance issues, you need to keep it in good shape to make it work. However, sometimes, your laptop may hang and hamper your work.

As a result, you need to increase your laptop speed so that there are no performance issues. Read on and know about easy steps to increase the speed of your Dell laptop and Lenovo laptop and others.

When you switch on your notebook, lots of programs open and run automatically. These programs that operate in the background can actually drain CPU usage and make your startup time slow. If you are a Windows user, it includes opening the task manager and clicking the startup tab. You can find programs here ranked by startup impact. It is easier to enable and disable ones as per your needs. For Mac users, going to users and groups in the system preference and selecting login items at the Window’s top and view and adjust the programs.

  • Uninstall unused apps

There are many free apps that you think may be useful for you, but you rarely use them. But, they take up memory that you don’t spare. You can librate your Dell laptop or any other brand of all unwanted and unused apps and programs. It will help you free up space and help in a quick speed boost. You can do that for large files such as movies, games and any other unused files.

  • Make the most of the disk clean up

You may be aware of the disk cleanup programs. The disk cleanup utility is a Windows program that analyzes and keeps off unwanted files and programs on your notebook. It is an excellent tool to keep off your laptop from flawed files that you may not have known that they existed. You can start using the program by typing ‘disk clean up’ in your search bar.

Ways to revamp your performance of laptops 

You are now aware of the ways that can increase the speed of the laptop. Here’s how you can revamp your computer performance.

  • Add an SSD

A solid state drive is different from a conventional hard drive as it keeps data in memory chip with using mechanical components. SSDs are an incredible way to boost your laptop’s speed and performance super quick. SSDs are mostly inexpensive as a 256GB SSD can cost you only around Rs.5,000. When you go to install SSDs, they need installation. If you don’t have much idea about the basics of the laptop, then you can ask someone to install it for you.

  • Upgrade RAM

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory, and it is a type of memory storage that lets laptops to feature large files such as games. You should know that when you add more RAM and memory to your Lenovo laptop and other brands, it can accelerate the speed. It is especially when you have large files on your computer. An average user must have at least 4 GB RAM, and editors and graphic designers should get at least 8 GB RAM. However, gamers and other heavy-duty task makers should aim for a laptop that comes with 16 GB RAM.

  • Reinstall your Operating System

Windows laptop provides you with options to reinstall an Operating System without losing the files on your system. You should know that reinstalling Windows is like resetting on your computer. You can do that by removing and reinstalling, and your vital files will remain. It is easier to do that by selecting Recovery in the Security and Update tab in the settings window. Other than updating your laptop and keeping the files, you can download files on the external hard drive, install Windows again and then load everything back into the machine.

You should know that a laptop can eat up a lot of files and data over a period. And you should ensure to keep up with the cleaning of your notebooks as your notebook ages.

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