How to Choose a Perfect Hike for Your Upcoming Trip


Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. The world has so many things to offer, and all it takes to experience it is to get out your door and come out of your comfort zone to travel. Easier said than done, right? Well, with a wide myriad of options available, it might not be as difficult as one thinks it is. Hiking is a great way to relive stress and get yourself a fresh breather away from the regular monotonous hustle and bustle of life. It lets you get close to nature and enjoy its beauty. Hiking even cleanses the soul and leaves oneself feeling elevated. The serenity of nature and its gorgeous elements coming together to present a cornucopia of wonders certainly leaves a mark on the soul- and hiking does exactly that!

With so many options available hiking however, it can get a little confusing as to how to choose a perfect hike for oneself, especially if you are going to do it for the first time. But fret no further, as in this article- we shall be discussing the how-to’s on choosing the perfect hike for your upcoming trip with elaborative details. Hiking doesn’t necessarily have to be done on some faraway magical Tolkien-like trail amidst exotic mountains, it can be done on the park near your home or the countryside located on the outskirts of the city. As long as the surrounding is being explored while your strength and leg-and- lung endurance are rising, the location becomes background noise. There are many things to consider while choosing a hike that is good and efficient for yourself, and by following all of the best options one is comfortable with, the hike can be enjoyed to its fullest. Hiking is also a great way to let your body get used to strenuous activities- as you get to pick your speed and difficulty. Here are tips and ideas on how to choose a perfect hike for your upcoming trip-

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#1 choosing the right hiking duration

Choosing and going along with a hiking journey that you are comfortable doing is the key to enjoying the activity. If you are a beginner, you can start by going for a hike that is located near you and one that is easily accessible. Beginners can choose trails that can be done in less than a day. Remember, not all hikes need you to carry packed tents or extra clothes. Picking a hike based on the amount of time appropriate for yourself lets you enjoy the activity without having to exert yourself or worry about exhaustion/weariness. Even hiking for just a few hours can be a great start; and who knows, pretty soon- a once-novice hiker can end up doing the Everest Base Camp Trek

#2 Solo Hikes or joining a group?

Hiking solo and hiking in a group with others both have their own charms and appeals. Many like to hike alone while others like buddying up with friends or fellow hikers along the trail. Hiking solo is a great mobile meditation opportunity, while hiking in a group is a great bonding opportunity. Pick doing a hike that you are comfortable with-a solo hike if you like to explore surroundings by yourself or join a group or partner up with your friends or significant other/family if you would prefer company.

#3 choosing an appropriate difficulty level of the hike

It is not wise to choose long and strenuous hiking journeys if you are not initially up to the task of doing so. In fact, forcing yourself to complete long and difficult hikes on your first try or when you are not able to do so can lead to unpleasant circumstances rather than an enjoyable time. Thus, choosing an appropriate hike with a comfortable difficulty level that you believe you can achieve is the best way to fully enjoy the wilderness. Choose short 1 to 2 hour easy hikes on relatively plain and simple terrains for your initial try, and then you can amp it up with longer hikes through more challenging terrains as you build up your stamina and get used to the demands hiking presents. It is best to start slow and begin hikes at places near you, as doing so allows you to stop when you want and return back to try another day.

#4 choosing the best hiking location

As stated before, hiking doesn’t necessarily needs to be done on the Mahalangur Himalayas; you can pick out the best hiking location that is near your home. There are many hiking trails through the woods on the peripheries of cities that you can go to. Most often, hiking destinations are easily accessible and choosing a location conveniently near you can result in less troubles.


#5 Hiking Comfortably

Hiking is an adventure that lets you be close to nature. Thus, it is best to be comfortable with yourself and what you are wearing when you are out hiking among the woods. It is also important to note that you can be comfortable without spending excessively. Get yourself a good pair of hiking boots, and that’s half the troubles sorted! Wear appropriate clothing according to the weather and terrain you are hiking at. Be versatile with your things and choose the right comfort wear for the best hike experience. You can also determine where you want to hike accordingly.

#6 Aim for Higher Ground

Hiking to tall destinations is always the ultimate pleasure of any Hiking activity- the top of mountains, the highest point in any town, even the roof of a building- all present a wider perspective of the surrounding. Aiming for higher grounds gives you a good midway point to stop for rest and recreation/acclimatization.

#7 Hiking at Urban Locations

Hiking can seem formidable or even wearisome for people who have a habit of living their lives at the city and for those who are quite acquainted with it. But that is not to say that hikes cannot take place on urban cities or towns itself. It is a matter of determination and finding spots near your place- like parks or isolated wildernesses even, to start hiking through!


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