How Suzuki Violin Lessons Enrich Your Teenager’s Personality?


Being a parent of a 12+ youngster, what is the principal ‘issue’ you experience while ‘carrying on’ the very task of parenting?

Keeping an ‘eye’ over the hobbies they are developing and free-time endeavors they are delving into, right? Undoubtedly, in your holistic efforts to provide them with only the best ‘crux’ of life at its every spectrum –

  • You do not wish that the child’s leisure hours get filled up with only computer games, social networking, and comic books.

Nevertheless, at a time when office compels you to dedicate ‘optimum’ there and thus commit ‘minimum’ at home, do you have much-of-an-option or time to ‘fill’ the kid’s those free hours by spending true quality time with the one?

No, correct? But there does prevail one distinctive way to put your juvenile’s free hours into the best of use –

  • Enrolling the one into Suzuki violin classes.

What ‘X-factors’ does the ‘Suzuki’ lesson hold in comparison to other general violin classes?

Well, in accordance to the noteworthy Suzuki violin teachers, this definite approach to violin learning, a brain-child of the illustrious Shin’ichi Suzuki, aids a younger one to develop an inherent musical perception within – that, in effect, evolves him/her into better persona by a holistic notion.

Wishing to explore the concept to more ‘depths’? Then ‘get on’ with the points depicted right here.

Distinctive USPs of Suzuki Violin Lesson

Enriched Level of I.Q

In the view of the maestros at Stradivari Strings, engaging into the endeavor of learning the Suzuki violin method, especially stimulates the ‘left lobe’ of a youngster’s brain.

This is the very portion that contributes in the-

  • Development of children’s memory span and quality

And, when nurtured with the rhythmic intensity of violin, becomes all the more ‘potent’ to improve the crucial aspects of I.Q.

Studies do reveal that kids undertaking scheduled tuitions over Suzuki violin method surpass their non-learning friends in the spectrums of remembering studies and fast learning.

Strengthened Analytical Skill

Enrichment of the logical reasoning potency – this is one of the principal causes for which every veteran violin teacher Singapore endorses Suzuki violin lessons, especially for children in the age group of 6-12 years.

The pros depict that while ‘picking up’ the fundamentals of Suzuki strategy, the budding ones require to explore the depth of every small piece of notation and recognize the real texture of each little tune part.

And as progress the classes, they are introduced to the scenario of synchronizing each such mini and minute aspect and accomplish one concrete melody or rhythm.

Within this complete procedure, their ability to analyze suitability and functionality of tiniest of things and tactical capacity to create a productive whole gets evolved and benefits them to perform better at the fields of mathematics and science studies.

Accelerated Pace of Concentration

Multi-tasking is one of the prime criterions that ‘Suzuki’ education urges its learners to get attuned to.

This becomes especially true for the young ones since, during the initial stages, they require acquainting the trick of holding the instrument properly along with understanding the embedded norms of notation reading, pitching etc.

Moreover, as upholds an eminent violin teacher –

In the attempt to expertise over the skill of creating rhythms of varied genres and from own ingenuity, the kids require ‘fine-tuning’ own mind and ears over the diverse tempos and beats by dedicating longest hours of uninterrupted listening.

What consumes this task? Dedication and persistence inclusive of extensive attention span, right? Indeed this is the one exquisite advantage that Suzuki classes cater to your little one.

Be it the requisite to know where to place the fingers & how to struck or the essentiality to ‘pitch’ correctly – each of the afore-mentioned jobs require the child to pay heed and practice more and more.

As an assured effect, the one’s overall range of concentration multiplies and makes him/her a better ‘performer’ in life’s all spectrums.

Creative Enrichment

How happy your parenting ‘soul’ will be if your ward accomplishes this trait? Explore the viewpoints of any celebrated violin school and learn how the ‘Suzuki’ way helps them to artistically array each moment of life.

The essential norm of continuous practice and evolving thus –

  • Infuses into the very persona of your kid, the intensified fervor of beats and overwhelming vibe of tempos.

Once learning to generate a tune, its chords turn the one’s best mate to express self-emotions and plucking over them becomes the most preferred endeavor at any and every time.

Later in life, melodies and sonatas replace the hours of agony and anxiety for him/her.

Greater Quotient of Confidence

That indispensable need to:

  • Deploy both hands and eyes and that too with flawlessness, cultivates your youngster’s developing ‘reflex’
  • Improves brain-to-body co-ordination


This gives a stimulus to the one’s confidence, in effect turning the one into a better decision-maker in life.

Getting More Disciplined

By a unanimous opinion of Suzuki violin teachers –

  • Enrolling into a daily practice session rightfully contributes in enhancing a child’s characteristic of disciplining up.

At pace with the Suzuki study module, children are given regular targets to fulfill such as learning a piece or preparing self for a group performance. As an inclusive effect, the pupils become streamlined over the attributes of doing work in a daily fashion and dedicating self potentiality to accomplish goals.

These prevail as some of the best practices of Suzuki lessons that ultimately play a vital part in the child’s phase of growing up – disciplining a kid by an end-to-end maneuver.

That requisite to learn the notations for ‘tomorrow’s performance’, practice over the chords, heighten fingers’ nimbleness at the strings and learn to ‘physically’ synchronize with the instrument on a routine style disciplines the kid by an end-to-end maneuver.

Refined and Matured Cognizance

Interact with any conversant academician and the one will enlighten you how the melodious pulses are potent to boost up your child’s learning capacity.

At the time of comprehending the tempo, tuning scales, and hymn dimensions, the little ones automatically pick up the acumen about the mathematical fundamentals such as division and fractions and basics of elementary pattern recognition.

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Moreover, in the view of trend-setting violinists, chord textures and different keys are aptly productive in harnessing kids’ understandability over the ground rules of Physics.

Engaging into the habit of pulling and plunking the strings constructs for the youngsters a basic concept about the aspects of harmonic and sympathetic vibrations.

Along with this, the custom of memorizing lyrics and notations cultivate the short-term memory phase of children that in effect aid them to perform better at class works and competitions.

Evolved Motor Aptitudes

Up-keeping a continuity of playability help a child to become physically simultaneous.

That persistent requisite to-

  • Sway the bow and grasp the neck
  • ‘Lend own ear ‘ to catch tune precision

optimally enriches one’s coordination capacity and makes him/her a really good observer.

Moreover, it absorbs the synced movement of hands, feet, and arms.

Practicing, in accordance with ‘Suzuki’ rules for long-running stretches gradually refines a youngster’s reflexive skill and makes the one a better reactionary to circumstances.

Increased Peer Feel

For an adolescent, it becomes highly essential to know what a peer group is and how to behave within that – so as to not remain ‘left out’ at the vast community of school and neighborhood. By engaging into an activity with multiple numbers of same age people, a child rightfully acquaints this fraternal vibe and some of its essential rules like doing things together, taking part in interactions, taking a stand, backing up a friend, etc.

Every Suzuki class endows your youngster with another very vital perk –

  • The understandability over how to help others and have the more ‘we’ feeling over ‘me’.

During practicing for a group performance or waiting for self-turn in class, the tots recognize the importance of contributing own’s totality for the betterment of the team and supporting one another as and when required.

Enriched and Melodious growing up to your child!


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