How Social Media Can Help to Generate Organic Traffic to Your Landing Pages ? ( Part 2)


The continuous fight for web traffic is nothing new to businesses in the digital world. For a steady flow of website traffic, professional marketers apply several techniques ranging from SEO to creative content. But, have you poured your effort and time into social media. Social Media Marketing plays an important role in your SEO ranking. Moreover, you can find leads directly hitting your landing page from social media.

Social platforms not only help in brand recognition development but also create a community for your business. You will find a difference in the bottom line.

Starting with different social networks

You may have thought of creating your business pages on different social platforms. Before creating your social media marketing strategy, it is better to know about the significance of every platform.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most popular social networking platforms. However, there are some other options to provide you with the best value.

  • Pinterest – Best for sharing infographics and images
  • Reddit – Give you an opportunity to show your strong industry-related knowledge
  • Tumblr – Designed to publish short blog posts
  • Twitter – Continuous sharing of content on Twitter platform ensures better SEO results
  • Snapchat – To post snaps and stories related to your business and many more.

Now, how should you use social media to gain organic traffic to your landing pages? Check out the best tips to make your campaign successful.

Optimize your profiles on social platforms

The overall look of your social media profiles plays an important role in developing your brand and strengthening its recognition. An attractive profile easily helps you in driving traffic to your site. There are few ways to make your social media profiles attention-grabbing-

  • While writing your bios on different platforms, you must add relevant keywords.
  • To write the business description, you have to add links to your site’s landing page.
  • The use of brand-related hashtags makes your business discoverable.
  • Choose a high-quality, clear profile picture that represents your brand.
  • Use one unique author in all your profiles to grow your brand

Try to share attractive visual content

Marketing analysts have found that it is easy to get a response from social media users by posting visual content. You will have more shares and likes with this content. Thus, you can take some time to create the best visuals that are relevant to your brand and products. Unique visuals will be noticeable.

Share these visuals with the target audience.

What are the major elements of these visuals?

  • High-definition photos
  • Bright colors
  • Perfect layouts
  • Visuals with precise information
  • Visuals tell stories
  • Visuals focusing on services and products

Maintain consistency in your social media

As you have created social media profiles for business purposes, you like to have several followers. Thus, to achieve this goal, you need to post social media content regularly. However, there are several factors to decide on the frequency of posting content. For instance, you have to focus on the time zone, hashtags, content, and the target audience.

The posting frequency for an effective result is different for every social platform. When you are using Twitter, you must post at least 15 tweets daily. Similarly, Facebook marketers have to make 1 post every day. Instagram marketers need to post 1 to 2 times weekly. You may also check the posting frequencies of your competitors on their different social platforms.

Publish viral content and draw more traffic

It will be easy to attract website traffic, when your social media posts have gone viral. Your social media content needs to be enticing and unique. However, it may not be easy to achieve this goal. The viral content easily triggers the willingness of viewers to share the post.

There are some tricks of making viral content. For instance, you can add some humorous scenes to your video. Funny gifs, images and captions can make your business videos distinctive. However, do not deal with sensitive issues and conflicts that affect your brand impression.

Social media contest- Another way to draw more landing page traffic

Social media polls and contests are one of the interesting ways to increase the engagement rate. You can fill the communication gap and interact with the potential customers. When you announce social media contests, the audience will share the information with others. You will find more Likes, Comments, and Followers. Your potential customers will learn about your brand and visit your website, and thus, you will have a chance to increase the sales rate.

You can create polls using the interactive features of Instagram. Twitter also enables you to conduct polls with the Twitter Q&A feature. Make the best use of these social platforms by relying on the available features.

Engage your audience consistently

As you like to leverage value from social media, you must focus on socialization. However, most of us overlook this factor. Without your interactions, you cannot engage the target audience. Your posts will not get several views, and ultimately, you may lose everyone’s interest. Try to solve queries and get real-time feedback for your post.

With the higher social media engagement rate, you will have a higher level of website traffic. Moreover, it is important to have the opinion of your potential customers. Social media users always prefer brands that continuously interact with them.

There are some ways to find a higher engagement rate

You can look for a topic that will promote good conversations. When you have participated in chats and solved others’ problems, you may become the major contributor. Others will listen to your words, like to check your profile, and click on your website link. This is how social media will draw traffic naturally to your landing page.

You can join conversations not only on Facebook but also on other forums. The forums, like StumbleUpon and Reddit, give you a chance to share links to your website.

Perfect posting time generates more response

You may have already created the right content for your social media profiles. Now, you can choose the best timing to share it with your target audience. It is already stated that you must maintain the posting frequency. Now, you have to focus on the right time to publish your content.

Based on the choice of social media platform, you need to decide on the social media posting schedule. Marketing professionals have found that Facebook users stay active mostly on Monday, Friday, Thursday, and Wednesday. The best time slot for Facebook posts is 12 noon to 3.00 pm.

The peak timing for Twitter marketing is between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. You can try to know the peak hours for other social platform. You will have lots of responses from your target audience.

These are some ways, in which social media helps you in drawing traffic to your site. However, there are a few more tips to make your campaign successful.

Analyze your competitors’ social media profiles

Without checking your competitors’ social media performance, you cannot make the right strategy. To draw website traffic and reach any other goal, you have to know your competitors’ activities. You can check out their posts and the rate of response of their followers. An in-depth insight will help you to make the right decision.

The overall analysis will let you know the most engaging social networks. However, you must also set the success metrics of your channel. You can publish the right type of content for your social media pages.

What you must avoid while using social media to get traffic

Some mistakes in your steps will affect the desired result. You will ultimately not find the flow of traffic to your landing pages. Be careful while publishing social media content.

  • Promotional contentWhen you post something repeatedly and ask others to buy products, you cannot win the heart. No social media user will say that your products are good. Thus, you have to publish content that never damages your reliability.
  • Repeating your postsThere is no need to publish a particular post several times. When you have no new content, you must not choose re-posting as the solution. Your fans may have strong memories, and they can easily identify the post you have made earlier.
  • Misleading your followersDo not mislead your followers in any way. Social media users always like to find truths about relevant topics. Thus, you must check the authenticity of your information. Moreover, you should not intentionally publish wrong information to lure everyone. Avoid these tricks to retain your reputation on social platforms.

Finally, the most important thing is that you have to develop a highly strong connection between the website and social media profiles. When the interested social media users visit your site and find a dull landing page, they will leave it. Moreover, it is essential to maintain consistency in the design of both social media pages and landing pages. For instance, the CTA button on social platforms must look similar to what is present in your landing page. Thus, you can apply these tricks to make optimal use of social media and gain traffic to your business website


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