How Can You Remain Fit During Your Bad Time

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Since the detection of the coronavirus, the daily life of people has changed in unanticipated ways. People prefer to remain at home more often so that exposure to the virus is minimized. Living in isolation and staying at home most of the time can lead to an urge to have junk food, snacks that have a high level of sodium, or meals that are of low quality. People might forget that giving a treat to the taste buds should not be the priority compared to having food rich in nutrients. When social distancing and self-isolation are common, maintaining a healthy eating habit might be a challenge for most.

How Can You Remain Fit During Your Bad Time nextcolumn

Previously, people used to have a routine that included a lot of physical activities in whatever form like walking up to the workplace after stepping down from the vehicle, going out shopping, going on a holiday, visiting family and friends, and so on. However, with a sudden change in the lifestyle, there is a high possibility that people will now lead a more sedentary lifestyle. People will engage more in sitting for prolonged periods, watching TV, or spending extended periods in front of a computer screen.

In such a scenario, people must make it a point to remain proactive. The effort should be on being creative and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even if you have tested negative for the virus, you need to keep an eye on the daily routine. Even minor negligence can lead to a negative effect on the overall health.

Here are a few things that you can consider to maintain an active lifestyle and stay healthy. After all, there is no other way left in case you want to limit your exposure to Covid.

An Active Routine

There is a possibility that gyms will not be open. However, there could be many other alternatives for physical activity without compromising the preventive measures like – keeping a distance from people and avoiding getting into a situation where there might be a lot of other people around.

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The best approach would be to go for aerobic exercises. These can easily be done at home and can considerably contribute to exercise of the body. Keep in mind that since you have been asked to avoid people, it does not mean that you should avoid nature. It is absolutely ok if you are going out for a brisk walk or do some running. You may consider other forms of exercises like push-ups, jumping jack, or sit-ups that are a great way to keep yourself fit. It is best to go for at least half an hour of moderate-intensity workout every day like lifting weight, yoga, or any sort of outdoor individual sport.

Rest / Sleep

Adequate sleep is important for good health. According to research, good sleep can have a positive effect. It influences the adaptive and innate arm of the defense mechanism of the human body. At the same time, the immune system can alter sleep too.

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Although there is no fixed rule for sleep, it is recommended that any adult up to the age of 60 must get seven or more hours of sleep for optimum body performance and good health. Good sleep can help to reduce the stress level.

Food And Nutrition

It is extremely important not to fall prey to emotional eating. Self-discipline has to be strong enough, and the preference should always be for healthy food. The diet must comprise whole foods such as fruits like oranges and vegetables like dark green leaves, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. The food must be rich in minerals, fibre, and vitamins. Try and avoid processed food as much as possible.

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Sugary and sweet drinks must be avoided at all costs. Though it has not been proven that the coronavirus can spread through food, it is better to take all precautions to avoid the risk of transmission of food-borne illness.

Taking Care Of Yourself

Take out the time so that you can take good care of yourself. Don’t just do it for yourself but support the same for those close to you. Manage the time so that you can relax. You can try out activities like meditation and spending time with your near and dear ones. You can listen to music or watch movies that you like or dance around or do anything that makes you feel good or happy.

Maintenance Of Health

In case you are suffering from any medical condition like asthma, diabetes, or hypertension, ensure that you take the required medicines on time video. In case of any concern or even the slightest discomfort, reach out to the health care team. This is the age of Covid, and telehealth solutions are readily available. Discuss any issue related to Covid 19 in case there is any need. It would be best if you stay updated at all times.

It is true that you may have to stay indoors for an indefinite period. That does not mean that your long term health should suffer. In case you have any check-up or health appointment, consider the options seriously. In case the visit can wait, then there is no harm in delaying it. If not, go for the telehealth option.

Regularly take inventory of the medicine that you need to have. Refill the prescriptions as early as possible. The best approach would be to have a stock of 60 – 90 days. It will help to avoid frequent trips to the medical store. In case you require any emergency medicine, have it delivered to your place.

Managing Stress And Anxiety

You must take all necessary steps to cope with the situation, especially stress and anxiety, positively. It is the only way to keep Covid out of your community. The methods to cope positively should include reading to enhance health knowledge about Covid further and developing interests or hobbies beneficial to both the mind and the body.

Although physical health is on everybody’s mind right now, it wouldn’t be a nice thing to ignore the state of one’s mental health. Be very careful about yourself regarding any sign of stress. Practice healthy coping habits.

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Always pay close attention to the news, especially those broadcasted by the government ministries. However, you go for occasional media breaks so that you have access to stories from both sides.

In case you have been receiving mental health treatment, ensure you continue with all the scheduled appointments. If a virtual meet can solve the purpose, go for it. If not, stick with the in-person session but remember to maintain all basic precautions.

Use the time to develop good health habits for a positive outcome. Consider developing even better routines than what you may have been following even before you got to know about the Covid crisis.

Staying Connected

If you are in regular touch with your loved ones during isolation, it will help reduce anxiety and negative thoughts. Use the time to familiarize yourself with the various technologies that have been developed recently along with the various mobile apps so that you have everything related to Covid at your fingertips.

Due to a busy life schedule, there is a possibility that you may have been disconnected from many people. Get in touch with them and make yourself happy. If you are happy enough, you will enjoy a strong immune system.

Practising Basic Hygiene

An important concern since detecting the virus has been how to avoid getting infected and spreading it to others. Ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water as many times as possible throughout the day. Clean the surfaces that you frequently touch daily. If you need to cough or sneeze, you must cover your mouth so that no particle goes out. For updated information on hygiene, frequently get in touch with the local health department.

In case you feel uneasy or feel that you have developed symptoms of Covid infection, get in touch with the primary health care provider at the earliest. If you develop continuous pain, confusion, difficulty in breathing, or bluish face or lips, you must immediately seek emergency care.

PEC / PED (Pre Existing Condition / Disease)

If you are suffering from chronic health complications such as heart disease or diabetes, ensure that these conditions’ disease management is your top priority. You must follow the recommended medications and other procedures at all times. You need to understand that any pre-existing condition can put you at an increased risk of infection. Also, people whose immune system is compromised are at an increased risk.

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If you are a woman and experience any of the conditions like chronic pain, auto-immune disease, or migraine, you must not ignore and seek medical help at the earliest.

Adequate hydration is most important to remain fit during the pandemic. Drink as much water as you can. Avoid alcohol since it acts as a diuretic and can lead to dehydration. Till the time there is a definite cure like a vaccine or something, precaution is your only best option.


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