How Social Media Can Help to Generate Organic Traffic To Your Landing Pages?


If you are the website owner, you surely want to enhance the traffic and create brand awareness amongst your target audience. It is not just about you, but when you ask any random business owner what he prefers to see in his business, his answer will undoubtedly be more traffic on his site. There are several ways to increase traffic to your site, especially when everything needs to be flashed on social media today. However, choosing social media to generate more traffic on the landing page is a better idea.

Now, you must wonder, out of so many options, why should you use the landing page for more traffic generation. It is justified for you to ask this. But before you get into the details, let’s first check out what the landing page is and its significance in traffic generation. Then, you will get to know what organic traffic is and how it can be generated in various ways. Without further delay, let’s get started.

What is a landing page?

If you are looking for a way by which you can generate a lot of organic traffic, the landing page is your only solution. After searching for a product or service that you provide, the page where a visitor lands upon your site is known as a landing page.

However, the landing page is a standalone page different from your website’s homepage or related other pages that cater to serving a single purpose in marketing terms. If you promise anything to your customers via the content you create for them, the landing page comes to aid here. The landing page of your website asks for your customer’s contact information in exchange for some special offers or deals.

Why use the landing pages to increase traffic?

It is said that the landing page is an excellent way to increase the organic traffic of your website, enhance your SEO, and create brand awareness. Studies have seen that 68% of B2B marketers use the landing page to build up traffic. It is the landing pages that lead your customers to your company’s product or service page and provoke them to take some action.

Therefore, if you want to generate more organic traffic, using a landing page is the ultimatum. Remember, when creating landing pages, you need to emphasize more on the content than on making the page attractive. This brings you to explain the next segment, organic traffic.

What is organic traffic?

When customers visit your website after going through an unpaid advertisement, it is known as organic traffic. In short, organic traffic is the number of customers directed to your page from organic or unpaid results of the search engine. When customers type and search for any product or service, a list of results pops up with paid and unpaid search results. What differentiates an unpaid ad from a paid one is the former is denoted with the word ‘Ad’, which the latter lacks. As soon as the customer clicks on an organic search result, the analytics tool records it and keeps track of the organic search traffic.

Now, you must wonder why organic traffic is so important. This is because organic traffic can be targeted. When your customers search for a product or service, your sole purpose is to understand their intent and satisfy their demand. This way, you can gain a new customer. Further, the importance of organic traffic can be highlighted due to its increased credibility of the customers on the website.

List of measures to generate more traffic via social media

Needless to say, that social media today is the powerhouse of traffic generation. Don’t you know how to use social media effectively to generate more traffic? Here you have some effective measures that will definitely draw more customers to your brand or website.

Write a good bio for your profile

First things first. What is the first thing that people notice about your social media handle? Think! Well, it is your profile. Be it Facebook or Twitter, or LinkedIn, the about section of every social media page gets the attention of all the customers who get into your social media page. The about section details what you are, why you exist in the market when you started, your journey so far, and prospects.

About 31% of the referral traffic is drive-by social media today. Want to get a taste of it? Add a good bio with all the details that you need to convey to your target audience. Once you can capture the people’s interest by your bio, they will automatically get glued to the content that you share or will share in the future.

Promote the contents of your blog

It is for sure that you put your heart and soul behind writing a blog. What if you keep on writing and people do not get to know about it? The first thing you need to realize is whatever content you create, and it is for your target market and your potential clients to see it. If they are not aware of the kind of content you create, there is no point in creating those.

Studies have found that to get 1200 leads on average in a month, a marketer must write at least 15 blog posts each month. However, if you are a newbie, you can start with small numbers and see if the results are compelling. Write blogs and share them on your social media page to let your customers know about your content.

Provide shareable content

Don’t you feel thrilled after knowing people read your blog and liked it? Who’ll not be excited to taste success! Imagine how you’d feel when you see your customers share your content with their near and dear ones. Well, the more your content is shared, the more traffic do you gain. Allow your existing customers to share all of your content. Also, encourage them to share the contents. You can add options or buttons which when clicked by readers, will allow them to share it.

Upload at a time when the target audience is logged in

What if you post content on social media at a time when your audience is not online? Naturally, it is sure to get the least views and likes. The best time of posting content on social media is when your target market is online the most. Once you know when your target audience is active the most, you can check out the most clicks and engagements.

Emphasize more on visual content

A lot of people keep on scrolling their social media feed and overlook heaps of contents. Being a social media marketer, you certainly don’t want this to happen with the content you share. To grab the attention of your customers, share content that is visually appealing. Remember, anything visual has a greater impact on a person’s mind than the written stuff.

Also, visual content is 40 times more preferred by customers than regular ones. You can add visual content like graphs, infographics, GIFs, animation, videos, and photos. To gain more traffic, you can combine your site’s link with the graphics you share.

Get involved with your customers

When you are using social media to generate traffic to your website, you should use the opportunity of communicating with your customers to the fullest. Involving your customers in a live chat or the comment section is an excellent way of driving traffic to your website. Unfortunately, only 11% of the people get replied to by social media pages of different brands.

Hence, you can understand how untapped this area is and how much possibility of increasing traffic is still left if you know to engage your customers with your brand the right way. Ask customers to take part in Twitter chats. Use innovative and relevant hashtags to be liked by your customers. Be responsive to customer queries.

Test paid social advertising

Besides social media, nothing can be such an effective platform to make people aware of your brand. However, if you cannot generate adequate traffic using social media, there is no point in using social media.

If your brand has a marketing budget, allot some amount to create content and upload it to social media. It is definitely worth it. Build up your audience base according to their interests. Instead of promoting your products or services, provide the link to your blog post and gain the customers’ interest.

Research your competitors

It is essential to find out what your competitors are doing. Take a look at what makes your competitors surpass you, and then incorporate something better into your social media content. When it comes to grabbing customers’ attention, you should always come up with something innovative because customers are always interested in new stuff.


Therefore, by now, you have the knowledge of what you need to do to gain traffic on the landing page via social media. Remember, a completely fresh social media post is sure to be gone through and shared by your target market.


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