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We are halfway through the weirdest year of our lives. All this weirdness we have spent “safely” at our old good home… Now that the deconfinment starts, it feels much like the beginning of the year. Because until now It was all a totally unexpected year and impossible to plan for, well it doesn’t need to be so this next half year. While we were bound to stay at home. To stop working, To be challenged emotionally (being alone or too close for too long ourselves and others, physically confined), psychologically (by facing the threat of death) within our families and away from loved ones. Now that Appears To be Recovering the pandemic situation throughout the world after having been asked and forced to stay at home for over three months, how now then do we take on again on our lives. You should be feeling the need to renovate. We have had plenty of opportunity to meditate, to think it through, to be with ourselves alone for long enough, now it’s time to perform and share again.

Though at the same time we have been asked to change our habits. Our routines, Our goals and maybe are Short-term dreams. The importance of the house and outmost the home is undeniable after the lockdown. To have the neatest, coolest, cleanest, most lovely place to spend your time and share with your loved ones. That is why now a renovation of the house can be ideal for a new restart. A new Fresh home interior and start by setting yourself. That small dream of changing the looks around your house.


That’s why one of our dreams after this lockdown could easily be to renovate your home You could renovate a little around the house for a revival and to give a new freshness to your beginning of the 20s decade.

Online you will find thousands of DIY (do-it-yourself) videos tutorials, to give you ideas and to teach you how to do all these modern looking, fresh, upbeat, in-vogue, avant-garde changes to your home. Small spaces such offices, and apartments can also benefit from some renovations, to stay updated, to enjoy the advantages of modernity, all our houses have the need to constantly renovate.

Sometimes because they are based on old buildings constructions and others because owners like to keep on adapting to new technologies like newer furniture, creation of different spaces, and automation of the home, applying the internet of things all around your home devices for the most modern and comfortable living.

The trend for the last couple of years has been back to the 1940s Bauhaus School of Germany’s utilitarianism of the interior design and the furniture design has been minimal in the design of the colors and choosing the houses.

In the Ceramics and in the furniture, utility furniture, being very useful and with a minimal design similar to Le corbusier’s chairs and furniture. Or the Bauhaus furniture and Architecture. This has been the trend for many years now. And it will keep being this way. For many decades most probably so here. Is your chance to catch up and modernize your areas.

So in this line of thought, why not? Give a try to professional companies like the New York City painters formerly Tribeca painters. Who through many years of experience have proven to be on top of the best and most modern home, apartment, office remodeling in general, they will offer you a one stop shop for the best high end materials which are not easy to find on your own. Give yourself the best and book a consultation for at least getting their best Ideas, at the least Costs for your custom work.

My favorite feature of New York painters is their minimum disruption that they cause while they renovate your spaces. As a Modernize Professional Service who use non smell ecological paints. Home trends for this new decade will surely include the use of Eco pains for energy saving and for Environmentalism concerns The use of light around the house, Solar light for energy and heat saving and all sorts of automation devices. As well as a main Central home battery power source.


Interior renovation for this year has The future in mind. Some of the most important trends For home decoration will be:

  • To change color schemes to cyberpunk

Though for Sherwin Williams CEO the choice of color for 2020 will be within the blue scale has never lost, particularly Navy Blue, It’s elegance is apt for the endless beginning of the decade.

Most probably a choice for 2020 color would be Classic Blue.

  • Street Art in remodeling

Other house tendency for home renovations is to use street art styles. For modern looks the use of very thin geometry In your spaces Ultra thin If possible, creating Dystopian Aesthetics which along with the use of light, energy, spaces and feng shui is very in Vogue.

  • Large spaces flow

The possibility to move from space to space around the house makes them a sequence of continuing animation. Where inhabitants flow freely among spaces within the housei is one of the main trends. Holding on to their utility or utilitarianism much desired and well-earned respect in the last decades of home decoration and building.

Definitely one of the trends that has to go is the color gray around the house, especially in kitchens the gray on Gray or gray over Grey is not in anymore. Is one of the first colors and features that will stop being fashionable In our houses.

  • Original Materials and Country style for larger houses

On the other hand, Farm looking Stable kitchens and the use of original materials such as brass is still going strong and growing and is encouraged because of the quality of the material brass will never go out of fashion.

The kitchen’s company designer Modigliani says that one of the big changes happening is in living room and kitchens, they are now opened into each other.


  • Kitchen isles

Definitely a trend is make an isolated isle in the kitchen. Now in 2020 the fashion is to make it stand out even more as far as color is concerned. For many years now it has had the property of increasing the social area by opening up kitchens to the living room. This way you could have 2 tables, or to have not only a dining table, but also a breakfast table on the island. Great to make a chatting place around the cooking area for better sharing and conversation, also include the sink. This makes an eye catching Kitchen.

  • Color Use

According to Italian kitchen designers, forecasts coming out now are brighter colors, holding to the cyberpunk trend by using bright yellow, still bright white (will stay), and include Blue, Pink, Unitone bright motocolor, making edgy and striking the power of colors around the kitchen area.

In-Colors are White, Chief saffron, Coral pink, Biscay green, faded Denim and Flame Scarlet. Witch are bold bright, warm and energetic colors that give your spaces unquestionable confidence and are reliable and dependable.

White cabinets will Continue to be popular. As they have for years because of their Sleek bright. And open up to light colors to open up the space. Forty-three percent of renovating homeowners. Decided for white cabinets A recommendation for 2020 Looking into the future. Would be to choose. A similar also neutral color, or try concrete countertops. And homogeneous light neutral colors.

Finally, nowadays the use of a coherent palette is highly recognized. And getting it right with color Hauns Around the house to give you a lighting effect can change your spaces.

  • Outdoor changes

Have a look at Pinterest on home renovation. And do it yourself on YouTube and Pinterest and dream to make things come true. That you couldn’t dream you could have or do around your house, Such as hammocks, Canopy beds, Open decks, Jacuzzis, Or some main Home Improvement. The effort will pay off. The next time We are confined to stay in our Houses we can have an extra area taking into account the Cost versus Value relation.

Ninety percent of home renovations nowadays are associated with the exterior of the house. The rest are usually minor kitchen renovations. This year’s real estate has emphasized the importance of exterior looks and use To illustrate, take a house around a tree Or a small garden in front of the house, or even a deck, these look fantastic, and raise the price of your property.

  • Pimp it up with some Do It Yourself

Another home renovation trend is the do-it-yourself Home Improvement, which is sincerely On the rise for many years due to the power of the internet. And the sharing of knowledge. The use of Advanced Technologies And YouTube video tutorials also pinterest’s ideas. The do-it-yourself projects became way more accessible also due to the comfort Of the mobile sales. Online Purchases are undeniable on the rise and to stay, especially after the pandemic confinement Delivery service for your materials to make home improvements Where you can buy improving products easily with a few clicks instead of taking days or weeks or to go look at them at the stores. And have them delivered to your home for comfort

  • Update technologically

A final trend is the use home automation devices or smart technology and take advantage of the internet of things around the house, which is dominating the industry. Be ready in your spaces. For devices like Z-Wave enabled devices. Thermal leak detectors Wireless LED light bulb.

Robot vacuum cleaners, and have plenty of Usb chargers.

Another advice is before you install these make sure you contact the Renovation services As the New York City painters Because they can give you the best gadgets, help you install them, prepare the house, and bring in New Materials, Paintings, Trends and ideas to feel yourself better while at home and be prepared because we have already heard that this pandemic in which we are still in and we don’t know how much it will change the new normal way of life has been set to be probably a minor event of a mayor probable pandemic event coming up within the following years.

So we encourage you to be prepared to dream of home changes, to contact professionals for advice, and to take advantage that the first services that are being let work after the lockdown are being the services of construction, home remodeling. So you easily start dreaming now about your new home interior design with the latest Materials, Furnitures and Tendencies of Modern Life for the 20s decade.


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