Here are our picks for some of the best dishes from Gujarat


I am pretty sure a lot of you might remember Kareena Kapoor’s memorable dialog from the blockbuster movie 2 idiots where she says that the name of dishes from Gujrati cuisine sounds like the name of armed missiles. Well, the name of the dishes might sound like missiles, but it sure is yummy and delicious. When we talk about Gujarati food most of us only think about Khakra, Dhokla or the drool-worthy. But there are a lot more delicacies than that in Gujarati cuisine. Kacch Kathuyawad, North Gujarat and Surti Gujarat are four different regions of Gujarat and each one of them has their own uniqueness.

Here’s a list of top 8 Gujarati decencies that you just can’t miss:


1. Khaman
This one is a healthy and tasty steamed snack prepared from freshly ground chickpea and lentils flour, it’s quite similar to its cousin dish, the well-known Dhokla. To make khaman, the flour mix is boiled with salt, turmeric and baking soda to make it fluffy and light. After that this dough is cut into cubes and is usually garnished with coriander leaves, mustard seeds, chopped onions, and sev. In the traditional manner, this dish is served on a huge green leaf called Kesuda, the modern, urban kind is served in the newspaper in snack shops along with tangy sauce and few pieces of green chilies. In addition to this, you can order this food online at your doorstep using Swiggy Order Online with great discount.


2. Thepla
No Gujarati picnics, journeys, foreign trips or even corporate trips are completed without this mouth-watering snack. Prepared with whole wheat flour, gram flour spices, and fresh fenugreek leaves, these flatbreads are a nutritional snack option along with long storage life. It is usually consumed with fresh curd, chundo or pickles; it is made for a wholesome meal. When taken with a hot cup of tea they also make for a great breakfast or an amazing snack during monsoon. The most common type of this dish is methi ones and other variants include spinach, radish, etc.

3. Khandvi
Thin layer of gram flour dough prepared with fresh buttermilk and then rolled up gently, seasoned and sautéed with sesame seeds and several other spices, and that is how Khandvi is prepared. The simple but delicious garnishing of coriander, curry leaves, sautéed cumin, coconut, and mustard makes this dish completely irresistible. It is probably the most popular snack among the Gujarati people. Although it is loved by everyone it is pretty hard to prepare this dish, especially preparing the barter.


4. Undhiyu
The signature dish of Gujarati cuisine Undhiyu is one of the reasons why a lot of locals wait for winters. This dish is a classic dish of Gujarat which is prepared from an inverted clay pot, hence it’s named undhu which actually translates to invert. It is only prepared with freshly produced ingredients which are only available during the winters and these ingredients include eggplant, potatoes, green peas, yam, crunchy chickpeas, beans and banana, all these ingredients are slow-cooked with coconut, buttermilk, and spices. This dish is usually served with shrikhand and puris and is pretty common during winters.


5. Muthiya

This dish is a great choice for a great evening snack or breakfast. To cook a dish, a blend of spices, chickpea flour, and bottle gourd is steamed, prepared, seasoned and pan-fried. If you remove the pan frying step this dish becomes a great option for health conscious peoples.


6. Handvo

Traditionally cooked over pressure cooker or in charcoal, this dish is a savory cake. To prepare this delicacy, a better of rice and lentils is fermented and prepared overnight, and then that barter is baked to perfection. To make them crispy one can also fan-fry this dish and the seasoning of sesame seeds make them completely irresistible. These healthy baked or pan-fried lentils cakes are famous meal among locals of Gujarat.

7. Khichdi

Khichdi is a dish which is famous as food for patients but in the case of Gujarat, it is quite different. The spicy khichdi prepared in Gujarati cuisine is far from your regular one, it is cooked with ingredients like pyaaj,tamatar, kadi patta, mirchi and a blend of Indian spices.


8. Dhabeli

You can say that this dish is a modern version of Vada Pav. This dish includes as vada which is prepared with besan and aloo and deep fried in olive oil. The bun used in this dish is readily available in the market. It is well-known street food in Gujarat. It is usually served with annar dana which makes a great combination of both sweet and salty. It is very light to eat and can be consumed as an evening or afternoon snack.
With this, our list of foods that you should not miss out on your Gujarat trip is concluded. So, make sure to check out each one of these dishes in your next trip to Gujarat.


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