Group FaceTime Calls


In the announcement of the latest beta version of the system, Apple pointed out that this feature will only be available later this fall.

One of the best new iOS features 12 is the ability to make group calls via FaceTime. It is possible to have up to 32 users in one conversation, which is really a great achievement, especially when we consider that the interface is well organized and viewed.

However, Apple has withdrawn this function for iOS and macOS beta and plans to present it only as part of a later update this autumn.

Reasons for withdrawing this function are not yet known, and we are not really clear about what it is. We, although failed to reach a limit of 32 participants, did not have any qualms about this function.

However, it is better that all functions that do not work properly should be removed before the official launch of the version to avoid possible scandals. It only remains to hope that this update will arrive this fall, not in May, as was the case with iCloud syncing iMessage on iOS 11 …


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