Google Offers Free Course to Learn about Big Data


Google will teach to interested people in free about Big Data and Machine learning through Coursera in order to create specialists in these topics.

Google adds number of online options available in new topics to train. Through Google Cloud Platform you can teach thousands of people about the concepts of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Fundamentals of Big Data and Machine Learning of Google Cloud Platform is available through Coursera . If you did not know it, this is a platform dedicated to virtual education. In this you can find both free courses and paid dictations by professionals from renowned universities around the world. You can find courses on computer science, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, business and so on.

This course is intended for data analysts, data scientists and business analysts. It also serves for decision makers in Information Technology that evaluate Google Cloud for data scientists.

This is only the first part of five courses offered by Google Cloud’s specialized program in data engineering .

What the course will include?
The course is completely free and is only one week long. It is only necessary to spend between 6 and 10 hours to complete it. It will be dictated in English but will have subtitles in Spanish and Japanese. At least one test account is required in Google Cloud Platform.

Concepts will be taught such as:

  • Extract, upload, transform, clean and validate data to be used in analysis.
  • Design sources and structures for data processing.
  • Creation and maintenance of machine learning (automatic learning) and statistical models.
  • Consult data sets, view query results and create reports.

It must be clarified that although you can complete the course free of charge, a payment is required to have your certificate. This has a value of $ 59, but if this cost seems too high, you can expect the financial help provided by Coursera. Under the button to register, you will find “apply for financial aid”. All you have to do is answer a form.


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