Goodbye SMS: Google Launches Chat to Replace the Messaging System on Android


After the multiple attempts of Google to generate a successful messaging system, it has decided to change the focus. They are developing Chat to strengthen the messaging system in Android.

Google Talk, Hangouts, Google Allo these were Google’s attempts to enter the field of messaging have been stopped. However, instead of bringing a better application to the table, the company is trying to change the rules of the game in the classic text messages.

Google has been holding conversations with leading Smartphone providers to adopt the standard called Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS). The way, it would be through Chat, but what is really Chat is?

In principle, as mentioned by the exclusive Verge , Chat is not a new application of text messages, but a set of features within the application already installed on most Android phones. Basically, Chat is an easy name to use for the RCS standard, which seeks to replace SMS. The idea is that this is by default and can be used automatically in android messaging.

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What are the differences with SMS? So many features will be present in the application, such as typing indicators, full-resolution images, video, and group texts. However, although the company is developing it, it will remain a service of the mobile operator, not directly from Google.

Unsafe communications
In any case, not everything that shines is gold: Chat communications will not have end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and will follow the same legal interception standards as SMS. It will not be a safe way to communicate.

The communications will use mobile data, regarding the cost that the companies will apply. Likewise, if you are sending messages to another computer that does not have Chat enabled, the messages will simply be automatically transformed into SMS. Google has put a new executive in charge of the effort, Anil Sabharwal, and this is what he told The Verge :

The fundamental thesis behind the RCS protocol is that it is an operator service. That means the operators will be the final arbiters of what Chat can and cannot do, and if it will be successful.

The messages will work just like any other IP-based messaging protocol. RCS is a service owned by the operator, so the legal interception and other laws that exist (that allow operators to have access to the data), will continue to apply.

The companies that support RCS as of April 2018 are: airtel, AT&T, docomo, Relience Jio, Singtel, MTS, Vodafone, LG, Lenovo, LAVA, Intex, Asus, Microsoft and Google etc. etc.


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