Golden Rain over Yakutsk: A Particularly Valuable Cargo Fell Cut Of the Plane


A golden rain passed over the Yakutsk, Russia. On departure from the Yakutsk airport, the cargo hatch slid off the An-12 transport plane and gold bars began to fall to the ground. In total there were 9 tons of precious metal on board with total cost of 332,553,600 USD.

The incident occurred on March 15 with a cargo plane of the airline “Nimbus”, performing a flight along the route “Yakutsk to Krasnoyarsk and further to Kupol”. As reported by the press service of the carrier, during climbing at the liner by an air stream the left leaf of the hatch was disrupted.

After the incident, the crew decided to return the aircraft to Yakutsk. But the aircraft landed safely at the airport “Magan”, located 12 km from the city.

An-12 plane

Later it became known that the aircraft was carrying an alloy of gold and silver (according to YakutiaMedia , there could also be diamonds on board). A precious cargo weighing about 9.3 tons was owned by the Chukotka Mining and Geological Company. As a result, PE ingots literally scattered along the runway and outlying areas.

Each such bar weighs about 20 kg, and the total value of cargo is 21 billion 600 million rubles, said Telegram-channel Mash . The place of the “incident”, of course was immediately cordoned off. According to sakhaday, after the incident with the loss of a “particularly valuable cargo”, the police began to search passers-by and drivers in the airport area.

It is noted that the aircraft preparing for the flight were prepared by the technicians that make up its crew. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was incorrect fixation of the cargo, the Investigative Committee reported.


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