Awesome Gmail functions that you will love for daily use


If you are an organizer, then Gmail is definitely the best service that can provide you with all the features you need. It can be very handy to have Gmail functions for daily use, especially if you are a working person. This will allow you to check your inbox anytime you want. Apart from this, it can help you to sync with calendar and email as well.

Here are some of the best Gmail functions for you to take advantage of.

Use Smart Compose Feature

Gmail offers a smart compose feature to all the users who want to send best-contained emails without wasting any time. Doing the same allows users to save a custom signature through settings so that when they send an email, the signature can get auto-attached to all the mails. Also, Gmail has its default spell check feature that allows the users to create emails most professionally.

Undo a Sent Message





Many times, users face the problem of sending the wrong email to the wrong person or attaching the wrong attachment to an email. Users realize this as soon as they send the mail. But Gmail has come up with a quick fix for the same. Gmail offers an opportunity to undo a sent message. If you have sent an email and realized just after sending it, then as soon as your mail is sent, Gmail will show you an option to undo the message already sent. It proves to be helpful for users who are always in a hurry while sending mails.

Create a Template with Canned Responses

Google has added a feature to their popular internet service, Gmail, as Canned responses. It provides a standardized format for saving emails and group messages into a template so that you can create new emails with the latest information whenever you want without having to write an email from scratch. This feature helps in getting the desired email script to load Google’s default Inbox for any of the similar emails to save your time. Canned responses save your energy that you waste every time you create the same type of email, and at the same time, increases repeatability.

Schedule Your Future Emails



The ability to schedule when your email is sent through Gmail can be one of the most useful features of this new service. Schedule send allows you to determine the times when you want your email to be sent out and at what time. This helps to make sure that you do not miss any important emails or messages. This can also be helpful in business situations in which the efficiency of your staff is crucial. You can use the “create time and day” feature in Gmail to schedule when your email is sent through this service. You simply select the “when your email is sent through Gmail” option and then click send. You can also use the “sync with calendar” feature of Gmail to schedule the times when your email is sent.

Quick Accessibility to Inbox

One of the most popular Gmail functions is Inbox accessibility with the help of set up filters. This function allows you to see your emails each day or the entire week. You can choose to view the Inbox every day, weekly, or even daily, depending on how often you need to check your inbox. In addition to this, you can set a certain time of the day where you can check your Inbox for new emails. This can be useful if you are the type of person who gets into your email more frequently than others. If you have a lot of mail to read and organize, you can easily organize this through this label function. All you need to do is assign labels to your emails as important (or anything else) and then go through the mails attached to the same label whenever you want.

Store Important Details on the Cloud

The third function is the Cloud Storage feature. With this function, Gmail automatically stores all your email activities in the cloud. This allows you to access your email and read them without being connected to your computer. You can easily upload these activities to a computer whenever you want to access your email on any computer, whether at work or at home.

Schedule Events from Your Mail Itself

schedule events gmail nextcolumn

The next function is the Gmail Events function. With this function, you can easily find and manage your email events from anywhere. It will allow you to see your email events such as the mail that was received, the deleted mail, and the mail that was forwarding. You will also get to see your forwarding events and upcoming events from your Inbox. With this function, you can always know what is going on with your Inbox and how many upcoming events.

Utilize Several Google Plugins

One more function is the Google plug-ins. This function will help you search the web. All you have to do is install the Google plug-in and run the Google search service. With this service, you will get able to run searches through your Gmail account. This will allow you to search the web using your Google email address. You can also set a filter to limit the search results to your Inbox, and Gmail accounts only.

Sync Your Business Contacts

The other Google functionality that is also very useful is the Google+ Business Checklist. This function will help you get to know more about your business. You can set a filter that will limit the items that come up in your Inbox. You can also see the events that are happening across all your accounts. There are also filters to limit the items that come up in the search results.

Save Password with Security

Gmail will let you save all of your passwords on the computer that you are using. You can set up passwords for all of your accounts so that you are sure that they are safe. You can also have several accounts with Google. So if you need to check your email on your phone, or if you want to sign in to your account from multiple computers, you can do so with ease.

Save Time with Spam Control

Spam Gmail Nextcolumn

Gmail also makes sure that you don’t get spammed. With this service, you can search for keywords related to your account. If a keyword appears more than once per week on news or blog sites, it means that there is a lot of activity on that site about the product or service you are offering. If you are receiving unwanted emails from someone, then you need to look at your account. You can see all of the emails that have been sent to you can delete any of the emails that you don’t want.

Make Use of Email Client

Another of the daily use functions for Gmail is the email client. This allows you to access your email wherever you happen to be. You can access your email account at any time by clicking on the Gmail icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You can check your inbox to see if there is any important mail to read. It is also possible to create a new Gmail account directly from your mobile phone. This gets very useful for those who use Gmail to update their status and check what their daily deals are.

Sync Your Contacts with Gmail

Sync Your Contacts with Gmail Nextcolumn

Another of the Gmail functions for daily use is the Contacts feature. This enables you to keep track of your contact information. This includes the email address and the phone number of whoever you want to contact. This information is very easy to access as you only need to click on the plus sign symbol. You can then type in the information that you want to update. This works with the Gmail service.

Manage Multiple Accounts on the Go

Gmail also enables you to manage multiple accounts. By creating a new account, you will be able to add your business and personal details to it.

Manage Multiple Accounts on the Go nextcolumn

You can get to add all your email addresses and your phone numbers to this account. The same way you would be able to do with your personal account. This works with the Gmail service.

Find Mails in Gmail Search Function

Find Mails with the Search Function Nextcolumn

The Google Search function allows you to search for information on any email you have stored in Gmail. You can find all types of info, including recent messages, people’s names, and emails. This Google function also allows you to search for people and groups. This feature will allow you to contact individuals who may not have exchanged emails for a long time.

Mute noisy and irrelevant email threads

You may be familiar with the group text messages sent on your mobile. However, it is annoying to deal with a group email thread while working on your laptop. During your work hours, it can cause distractions. It is especially true when you work from home. Therefore, you do not always like to check the group email.

Mute noisy and irrelevant email threads in Gmail

As you do not want to reply back to the group email, you may mute this feature. Access the thread and open it. You need to hit the triple-dot button and click on the Mute option. It will move the conversation to achieve. However, you will also find the Unmute option for this feature. You may check out what you have missed.

Snooze function in Gmail

In your mobile alarm, you have found the snooze button. You click on this button while you are not ready to wake up. Similarly, Gmail provides you with an option for snoozing your messages.

Snooze to avoid forgetting the delivery of messages-nextcolumn

You may not like to give an instant response. Still, you do not want to avoid the message. In this situation, you can rely on the Snooze button.

An outlook-like reading pane

When you are using a device with a big display, you can make the best of the screen size. Use the Reading Pane feature of Gmail. The overall interface will be similar to Outlook. You may view messages and respond to them. There is no need to leave the inbox. You have to go to the gear sign present on the right side of the screen. You can easily access the Quick Settings panel. Then, you will find the Reading Pane feature and choose the Right/Below inbox to split the view.

Select your tabs

Tabs in Gmail

One of the advantages of Gmail users is that they can easily filter their inbox. Thus, the relevant and important messages will be accessible without much effort. You can find emails categorized in Promotional and Social tabs. You can choose the tabs to be placed at the top of the inbox. You may also ignore some tabs. Lots of users like to have a tab-less Gmail experience. After setting your preferences, you have to save the changes.

Turn on the Auto-advance feature

You receive lots of messages every day, and you know that most of them are unnecessary. Still, you like to open every email, read it, and click on the Delete icon.

Turn on the Auto-advance feature in Gmail

After deleting the email, Gmail automatically sends you back to the inbox. It does not show you the next message naturally. You have to repeat the process and waste your time.

To solve this problem, you need to go to Settings. Choose the Advanced button and find the Auto-advance feature at the top. Then, hit the radio dial and turn on the function.

Google drive for large email attachments

At the base of Gmail’s compose window, you can find a small Drive icon. You can attach your big files while having them stored in your Google Drive. The available Google Drive formats include Sheets, Docs, and Slides. In case of images, PDFs, and Word docs, you will find the option of delivering the file as an attachment. Moreover, you may send the Drive link to share your files (not more than 25MB).

Inbox emails organized chronologically

To prevent improper mail sequencing and restore mails to the Gmail mobile inbox, you have to deactivate the Top Email Bundling. You can find this Gmail feature available in iOS and Android versions. Some Gmail users like to arrange their emails in perfect chronological order.

Gmail working with Dropbox and Evernote

Gmail can smoothly work with different Google apps. But, it will also perform its functions with several other apps. For example, by taking advantage of the IFTTT service, you may deliver some emails to the Todoist and Evernote apps. Moreover, Apple’s Reminder app also works with Gmail. You can save your email attachments to your OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox accounts. Thus, you have a chance to use several apps at a time. It will make you more productive.

Compose your message in some bigger space

The full-screen writing opportunity gives you a better feeling. You can find a 3-dot menu at the lower-right corner of the screen. You need to click on it after opening your Gmail account.

Compose your message in some bigger space in Gmail

The default settings should be the full-screen mode. Every time you send a new message, you will find a large window. You will have more space to write your message.

Set your Gmail’s Priority Inbox

It is one of the important settings helping you keep relevant messages at the top of the inbox. When you have activated the setting, your emails will get categorized into three ways-

● Unread and important
● Starred
● Everything else

Using the Priority Inbox feature, you will find it easy to modify and assign everything in different Inbox sections. You can select the number of items you like to view in every category.

Priority Inbox feature nextcolumn

Hide Section When Empty- It is another option for Gmail users. While there are no emails based on the set rules, this section will be helpful.

These features are helpful for those who receive several emails every day. As these users like to focus on important conversions, they can make use of the new features.

Add emails to your Google Tasks

You can encourage your employees to make the best use of this feature to be more productive. On the cloud platform, you can create a to-do list by adding the email or for your personal use too.

add task gmail nextcolumn

For instance, someone has sent you an email that talks about an important upcoming project. With a single click, your email can be added to Google Tasks.

● Choose the email that features details about the upcoming projects.
● You will find three dots just below your gmail search bar.
● There is the Add To Task button.
● Set the time and date to do the task.

It is fantastic, as Gmail lets you create your daily Google Tasks. However, what will you do when other collaboration and project management tools assign tasks to work with your team? The good news for you is that there are ways of adding tasks from Gmail to apps like Asana, Slack, and Trello.

You will have an automated workflow, and your task-related emails will be easily accessible.

Gmail provides you with a Confidential Mode

Gmail enables you to write emails that get deleted automatically after a certain period.

auto-deletion option nextcolumn


Suppose you need to deliver a private and confidential email to a person. However, you don’t want your recipient to forward, download, and save the email copy. In this case, you can activate the auto-deletion option. The app will delete the message automatically after the given period. Thus, it will ensure the privacy of your email.

Compose your email and hit the clock-shaped icon at the right corner. You will find the option for setting the expiration date for the message.

Migration of users from Hangouts to Chat

Google released this new feature in 2020. Using this feature, you can transfer your contacts from Hangouts to Chats. From the Admin Console, you will find the Chat Preferred option.

Migration of users from Hangouts to Chat gmail

The innovative feature also ensures smooth and hassle-free interactions. You do not need to switch between tabs. Moreover, bot integrations, 1:1 chat, and group messaging features will also be accessible. In addition, you can find edit and delete options and send emoji reactions.

Translation of messages

Message translation becomes easy with the latest feature of Gmail. You can translate the email content into multiple languages. You may be familiar with one language or like to view the content in a different language. In both these cases, the Gmail feature will be useful to you. The recipient will receive the message in the desired message.

Translate in Gmail

Hit the vertical dots adjacent to the Reply option. Choose the Translate Message. You will find an option for selecting the language in which you think of translating the message.

Insert a personalized signature

For some professional reasons, you may like to add your signature while sending an email. But, the signature may include your contact number, email address, website links, job titles, and social media profiles. In addition, several corporate owners like to use this feature while sending emails to customers, employees, and business partners.

It is very easy to activate this feature. Go to the Settings option and click on the Signature. You will find the space to enter details that you like to use as the signature. You do not need to edit those details every time you send an email to a person.

The best fact is that you can send multiple signatures to Gmail. The customized signatures will be useful for different purposes.

Go to the Create New button and find an option for creating multiple signatures. For instance, you can add 2 types of Gmail signatures. One is about your name, and the other one is your company details. You can pick the signature templates based on your needs. Indeed, this feature is help-full in the corporate environment.

The Final Say

These are some of the more basic functions of Gmail. If you need to know more about its features, you can simply do a search online. There are also several resources online that will help you understand how these functions work and how they can get to benefit you & your business. There are so many things that you can use to make your account more useful. So start checking them out now.


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