Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Technology moves at a rapid speed. Every other morning there is something new discovered by the scientists and experts that we never thought we could do or have. Artificial Intelligence is one of them. It has been a long time since everyone was fascinating about AI. And, now finally the time has arrived.  We are quite near to this new entry in such a huge technological world.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the recreation of human intelligence processes with the help of machines. Especially computers. These processes include learning, reasoning, analyzing and decision making (etc.).  Like for example speech recognition. From Siri to Self-driven cars AI is progressing at a very fast pace.

AI has two basic categories; weak and strong. Apple’s Siri is a weak form as it cannot work when there is an unfamiliar voice. Whereas on the other hand, Strong AI works even when an unfamiliar task is given. Strong is also called generalized human cognitive abilities for the same reason.

The narrow AIs are found almost everywhere. They are present in abundance, especially in all the latest phone in the form of Siri, Bixbi, GPS, Google Maps, Google text readers, etc. Not only in smartphones but also in car kits, iPads and tablets, Laptops and smart watches and so on. Almost all the latest technology smart devices and consumer electronic devices carry a little bit of narrow AIs. Nonetheless, strong (or general AI) is still under process.

Future Prospects of AI

The way Artificial Intelligence is changing the corporate world, it is believed to be a tremendous change in the technological world. It allows machines to act like human beings. Also helps them to analyze and learn the existing data, identify the loopholes and the way things were done and at the end take decisions in real-time. This will eventually lead to the process of automation and all the hustles caused by human errors will be eradicated.

However, the ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence is to be much vast than these mini and narrow usages. Once general AI arrives, it is susceptible to almost replace the manpower. AI is expected to be a self-teaching and self-driven system that can leave behind human across more or less all the disciplines.

Some Major Future Endeavors

Artificial Intelligence is likely to change the way we humans look at things and perform our daily life activities. Some very prominent contribution that AI is going to make in our lives and our societies are;

  • Robots as humans

The robots we all have been seeing and hearing about up till now are just a machine that would perform a list of work for you. Contrary to that, the robots that AI is going to give us will be more like humans. They would not just do your house chores, but will also read and understand your emotions and feel for you. Japan has already taken the lead in the race.

  • Automated transportation

You will soon see self-driven cars that will not require any driver on the steering. You just have to sit back and enjoy the view. An experiment was done on it previously but it was not as up to the mark as it was supposed to be. But then again don’t worry AI will fix this for you real soon.

  • Decision making

This may sound weird that a technology-based entity is going to take our business decisions. But as weird as it sounds, this actually is going to be a good decision; merging AI and decision making. As before now discussed, that AI is able to read, learn, sort and analyze all the data and trends, it will through its smart intelligence be taking our business decisions even more wisely than a CEO or a director can.

  • Analyzing climate changes

AI integration, through big data, is also expected to read and analyze the weather conditions accurately which are sometimes gone wrong due to human errors. Artificial Intelligence will allow the weather forecasts to convey the correct details and use that information to come up with precautionary measures timely.

  • Lessening the burden of hazardous jobs

Robots developed with Artificial Intelligence integration will take over all the dangerous jobs that are hazardous for human life and can cause serious injuries to them. These jobs may include welding, mining, using or producing toxic chemicals, working under serious laboratory conditions, etc.

Beyond these impacts, there are so many more ways in which Artificial Intelligence can influence our lives. Moreover, this fact has made the researchers, scientists, and experts from all the disciplines, more excited and eager to learn more about AI. If this technology is used productively then the problems that human errors use to cause for the organizations and rest of the world will decrease soon and eventually efficiency will also increase with the passage of time.

Even though we don’t know enough about what exactly AI’s future is going to be, but by looking at the current pace of growth, the technology and IT  is soon going to reach the heights that it would not have otherwise.


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