Fun Things to do in Calaguas


Calaguas, one of the most pristine beaches in the Philippines. Perfect for beach bums, nature lovers and island campers.

But, if you are city lad/lass and are used to mod-cons, air-con and gadgets, you may find yourself wondering what things to do in Calaguas. Especially since there is no signal and electricity mains!

Well, we’ve put together a few fun things to do in Calaguas to enjoy your beach bumming adventure!

Fun Things to do in Calaguas

Swimming! Calaguas is known for its crystal clear waters with a “swimming pool” look.Fun things to do in Calaguas

Eat alot! Enjoy barbecuing the traditional camp style way. Don’t for get to ask the locals for tips on bicolano recipes. Common Bicolano meals include recipes cooked with gata (coconut milk??), alamang (tiny shrimp either fresh or dried??) and labuyo (chili ??).

Grab a beer! Since there is no electricity on the Island and no mobile signal, Calaguas gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends and bond with new friends, without the distractions of the outside world.

Relax! Relax and be a beach bum! Most people go to Calaguas to get away from the city. So lie back in a hammock, relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Trekking! Take a short trek to Hill Top View for a great aerial view of the cove.

Snorkel/Take an under water selfie!


Sunset Watching! There is nothing more beautiful than a coastal sun set.

We hope you enjoy this article. There are many, many places to explore and enjoy in the Philippines, and Calaguas is just one of them. I hope to add more articles soon to provide more exposure to this beautiful country for more tourists.


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