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Tricks and Tips

Have you published a couple of blogs on your brand new website? But, you have not found any clue on the way of promoting it. You may have heard about different strategies to promote your blog content. However, which ones will work best for your purpose? The right tactics will ensure a positive ROI. When no one visits your website and reads your blogs, you have no chance to generate traffic and revenues. Check out the most important strategies that market your blog within the shortest time. You can give a boost to your blogging career with these tactics.

Post the share-worthy blog content-

One of the major factors to achieve success in your blog promotion campaign is the share-worthy content. You should write content to-

  • Impress readers
  • Spark their emotion
  • Give them value

Moreover, your blog content needs to be-

  • Smart
  • Forward-thinking
  • Generous
  • Interesting
  • Trendy

How do you write the share-worthy content? You can choose a controversial and thought-provoking blog topic without violating guidelines like non-insulting or anything like that. It is the most important step to amuse readers. Try to write something that makes an emotional appeal. At the end of the blog, you can encourage readers to ask questions.

You must also play with the presentation and structure of your blogs. Although long blog posts are best for SEO, you have to write shorter paragraphs. Long paragraphs can cause strain to the reader’s eyes. Ensure a high readability score with shorter sentences.

Moreover, the choice of words and writing style can make a difference in the outcome. Blogs filled with technical terms bore the readers. That is why you can choose some phrases and fancy words, which convey your thoughts.

Match the audiences’ preferences while writing blogs. Entrepreneurs like a formal tone, while youth may prefer slang and informal tone.

Get organic traffic from search engines-

Although there are several blog promotion tactics, you can never overlook SEO. SEO helps you to attract traffic, and it will be easy to market your blogs. By using keywords and maintaining keyword density, you can make your blogs SEO-friendly. Some new bloggers start writing about what they find interesting. Although they may have writing skills, there is a need for SEO.

Keywords and phrases are the most important factors for your SEO-friendly blogs. You may also use synonyms of those keywords. Moreover, your blog posts must have at least 300 words. Another notable thing is the internal linking, as you have to create links between different blogs of your site. Choose a word and hyperlink it to other relevant blogs on your website.

Your internal linking approach will help you to gain appreciation from both Google and readers. It helps them to understand the relationship between blogs on your website. Furthermore, it will be easy to find relevant information. However, outbound links to high domain authority blogs are also important for your SEO campaign.

Find relevant communities and be an active member-

One of the smartest tricks of marketing your blogs is to engage yourself in some relevant communities. When you find meaningful conversations among the community members, you can join them. You may also play the role of a conversation starter by choosing some interesting topics.

Facebook community is not the only option to drop the link to your blogging site. You need to be one of the active members of a relevant group. Make sure that your blog links will benefit other members of your chosen communities and groups.

There are 3 major reasons for joining a forum as a blogger.

  • A forum is the best destination where you can learn the preferences and tastes of your target audience. Based on the information collected from the forum, you can create your blog content.
  • When you post a blog, you find comments. These are monologues. However, forums promote group dialogues that develop a relationship.
  • An online forum is a perfect platform to look for guest posters. You can find the best guest poster for your blogging site.

Other popular platforms where you can find relevant communities are Quora and Subreddit. Create your Quora account and find others’ conversations on interesting topics. While giving answers to someone’s question, you can add your blog’s link. Help other Quora users when you have knowledge about the chosen topic.

Another option for you is to choose Subreddits on Reddit to share your knowledge. Subreddits refer to topics that let you take part in a conversation. It can share your blog posts and develop authority.

Start email marketing to promote blogs –

The most effective channel for blog promotions is email. Although there are several messaging apps, you can find an increasing trend of sending emails. Thus, email marketing is one of the ways to promote blogs to subscribers.

  • You may have turned some of your readers into subscribers. You have to create a list of those subscribers. Most of the subscribers like to read emails from their favorite brands. Thus, while you have published new blogs, you may send emails to notify subscribers.
  • To make everything professional, you have to insert an email signature, which includes links to a post.
  • You may also send a thank-you email to first-time subscribers. Check out the recipients’ names from the mailing list and develop relationships with them.

Take advantage of influencers-

You can partner up with an influence to make your blog more visible to others. Look for powerful influencers who are writers and have a presence on social media. The best influencers have blogs with several loyal followers. They have readers engaged actively in their platform.

To promote your blog, you can apply your influencer marketing strategy. There are some ways in which this marketing campaign will be useful to you.

  • Let influencers post blogs on your website. After writing the post, influencers will share the content with their readers. Thus, your site will gain more traffic, and you can introduce those readers to your content.
  • When you reach out to some influencers to share your content, you must build a relationship with them. You can ask them to give you a chance to post content on their blogging sites. Moreover, you can request these influencers to post and share your blogs on social media pages.

Social media marketing to promote blogs-

One of the best ways to find the target audiences is to start social media marketing. Social media users use hashtags for finding relevant blogs. You may use multiple platforms for sharing your blog posts. There are some tactics to get value from your promotional campaign.

  • Design custom graphics for every post related to the image rules of your social sites.
  • Try to promote new content regularly.
  • You may also post old content that has received a high response from readers.
  • Tag the name of a brand mentioned in the content.
  • Add share buttons at the end of blogs to let readers share the post with others.

Based on your budget, you can start a paid campaign. The paid ads will help you to reach a wider audience. To display your ads, you may use hyper-targeting filters. It will help you to connect to the right audience.


It is better to use some premium tools for better targeting. These tools will give you reports on the success of your campaign. Moreover, you will get demographic information about your readers. Thus, with these few steps, you can make your social media marketing campaign successful.

Repurpose your blogs-

Repurposing content is one of the best ways to increase your reach to the target audience. Make sure that you have chosen a new format for the repurposed content. For instance, you can turn your blogs into infographics. You do not need to shoot new videos and write new posts.

With content repurposing, you can find new audiences. Apply innovative techniques to repurpose your blog content.

Use a camera and recite your posts in front it. You may also try to present the information in a video format. Add transitions, sound effects, and some other features to the video to make it interesting.

There are some tools to make your repurposing easier. For instance, you can use the free tool, PrintFriendly to convert your blogs into PDFs. SlideShare is another popular option to present your content in sliders. Moreover, you may also use BuzzSumo, a reliable content research tool to find the best-performing content for a keyword. Choose any of these tools and make your blog repurposing activities easier.

To conclude, it can be said that you can never promote your blog overnight. You have to make your foundation stronger to ensure the success of your blog in the future. However, the most important task is to post the most engaging content for your blog readers. Then, you can create a solid promotional campaign for the blogging site. It will help you to gain loyal readers. You may also hire professional writers and marketers to find a faster growth of your blogging career. By promoting your content, you can monetize your blog and earn revenues for your effort.


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