Fashion Photographer’s Cheat Sheet – Cleaning Up Tiny Imperfections


Photography can be a truly fulfilling hobby and it is also a profession you can easily monetize. If you are able to specialize in a particular subcategory of photography, you can advance and get a lot of paying clients. Here we will provide some tips for those who are interested in becoming fashion photographers. This can be a truly difficult line of work, so it would be useful to know some of these tricks to help you out.

It’s all about the right attitude
When you are doing fashion photography you need to have pictures that ooze with authority, in other words your models need to look confident, determined and dominant. If your models show a trace of doubt, anxiety or fear, these emotions will come out and they will be reflected in the images you create.

So, you need to create an atmosphere where models feel comfortable, and where they can get fully involved in what you are doing. This way they will be able to follow your instructions and you can easily boost their confidence in order to provoke the emotion you want to see on your photo.

Find inspiration
Another thing to worry about is posing. You need come up with the right pose in order to create a picture. If you are having trouble in this department then you can always go through other fashion magazines and see the poses that the models used there. Moreover, you also need to try out different angles, since every model you are working with is unique and you need to find the right camera position to make them look more attractive.

Lights, props and location
Lighting is also one of the essential parts of every picture, since we all know that the same picture under a different light can go from bad to incredible. So, ensure that shooting conditions are right in terms of natural light, and if you don’t have enough of it then make sure you bring along some extra lights.

If your finances don’t allow you to work in a well-equipped professional studio, you can have a photo shooting session at home. Find a room with the most sunlight or with the largest window, and put a net or fabric or a white sheet across that window. Then you can use a separate light meter to get a more accurate reading of the light and you can start.

Finally, you can always use props to add more interesting elements to your picture or to send a more powerful message. As you know, it is important that an image tells some sort of story, so don’t simply use random items you have lying around.

These are all rather simple things that anyone can pull off and yet they can contribute greatly when it comes to picture quality. Remember that you will need to have an outstanding portfolio if you are to make it as a fashion photographer, but if your equipment lacks quality or if you can’t afford a studio, you can always show people that you can be resourceful. Remember to use photo editing tools to boost the quality of the images and to add adequate filters and you will do just fine.


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