Facebook wants to kill Tinder and Announces its own Function for Dating


The Cambridge Analytica scandal, movements like #DeleteFacebook , the abandonment of celebrities and the worldwide rejection of the sale of users data that finally ended up being used for the Trump campaign, have Facebook on the line till now. That’s why the firm is taking desperate decision: they are going to get their own dating application.

As they did by copying the Snapchat stories, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network announced a new dating service during the annual Facebook developer conference. It will be called “Dating”, and although it will exist within the application itself, it will allow the creation of an independent profile.

The idea is that users create separate profiles from their main Facebook accounts to find romantic connections. This “romantic profile” will only pick the first name of the user and friends of the same user from the “normal profile”.

According to Wired, there will be a dedicated inbox, typical of this profile and no photos or links will be allowed to be sent: you can only interact by messages. Likewise, it will have a particular algorithm to refine the matches that appear to you.

For the above, they will look for shared tastes, places they have frequented and friends in common (which in principle should not be known, without first going through this algorithm). For example, if you go to an event and share its features, it will be a reason for the application to show a potentially positive result.

The Facebook feature wants to do away with other applications like Tinder and they say they will start testing the dating feature later this year (probably to recover the large number of inactive users). Likewise, they also mentioned that “they will not use the information of the function” to position commercial announcements.
Do you believe them?


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