Facebook Scandal – Cambridge Analytica Suspends His Boss


Cambridge Analytica, accused of illegally acquiring data from Facebook users, announced Tuesday the suspension of his boss after the publication of a survey by Channel 4 in which he suggests techniques to trap politicians.

Alexander Nix is ​​suspended with “immediate effect pending a full and independent investigation” wrote Cambridge Analytica (CA) in a statement following the scandal that also splutters the giant Facebook . CA states that Channel 4’s comments about Mr. Nix , as well as other allegations against this case, “does not represent the values” of the company.

Crushing Report
The TV station Channel 4 broadcasts news from Monday night about investigation in which Alexander Nix appears in the hidden camera. Questioned by a reporter posing as a rich Sri Lankan who wants to see elected candidates, he suggests techniques to challenge a political rival.

In the video of Channel 4, Nix plan says “by offering a large sum of money to the oposite candidate to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance, we will have recorded everything and we will erase the face of our guy and post the video on the internet”, or “can send girls around of the candidate’s house” for defame to the oposite candidate.

According to the British weekly – The Observer , Cambridge Analytica used personal data from some 50 million Facebook users, stolen in early 2014, to design software that can predict and influence voter choices and improve visibility and the effectiveness of Donald Trump’s election campaign .

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Nix denies
About this scandal , Alexander Nix denied trying to trick politicians. Specializing in strategic communications, Cambridge Analytica (CA) is accused of recovering data from 50 million users without their consent to develop software to predict and influence voters’ votes.

CA worked for the campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump, elected president of the United States at the end of 2016. Following the revelations on this case, Facebook said to have closed the account of the firm.

Facebook “Scandalized”
The social network site Facebook , which had not officially responded so far, said Tuesday “outraged at having been cheated” by the use of data of its users by the company Cambridge Analytica and said “understand the seriousness of the problem .

In a statement, Facebook expressed its determination “to vigorously apply our policies to protect private information” and “to take all possible measures to ensure that this is followed” .


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