Expert word – Plogging : Picking up junk while Jogging


New trend coming from the cold: the plogging, or how to do sport by picking up the waste. Common sense in action to maintain the body and the environment …

France, the RunEco Team

The idea comes from Sweden and is emulated. The plogging is to enjoy his jogging to pick up trash and rubbish encountered on the course. The term plogging comes from the contraction of the word jogging and the verb plocka upp (pick up in Swedish). A simple concept born of an observation: too much waste in the streets and in parks, the urgency to act to make everyday life more pleasant in every way.

Equipped with a generally flashy sports outfit and trash bags, the ploggers leave no paper or wrapping behind them: in addition to running, they drop, jump, walk, make detours to pick up everything that hangs. The equivalent of a fractionated training and a muscular reinforcement with the environmental and playful action in addition. Devilishly effective, the plogging is even the subject of sports clubs in Stockholm.

Raise awareness of the urban public

Often in gang, the ploggers attract the attention: jumping and running in groups with their big bags, picking up the detritus in the urban space, they make their action visible and comprehensible. “At first we are a little hesitant, a little embarrassed but the important thing is to overcome this feeling and it works”, according to a plogger interviewed by the Suisse TV RTS.

The RunEco Team

There are countless publications on the social networks of ploggers posing with their garbage bags filled or garbage picked up. The goal is to collect the maximum amount of waste in a minimum of time, the sporting and ecological performance is also an engine for these responsible sportsmen.

In France we take a picture with his waste

In 2016, in France, the Run Eco Team movement was already running to collect and post a photo of the waste collected. For the past year, the Run Eco Team mobile app has counted not only the kilometers traveled but also the amount of litter collected. An initiative supported from its inception by the creator of Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg, and present in over a hundred countries.

In Tunisia, the association RandoTour launches a weekly plogging in Tunis, with the aim of extending it throughout the country. And Parisians are also involved: a Facebook page has just been created and the ploggers are organizing to offer group tours.


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