Emmanuel Macron’s last call to Donald Trump went wrong according to CNN

French President Macron reaches out to U.S. President Trump during their joint news conference at the White House in Washington

US media reports on Monday that trade between the French and US presidents has been tense because of US steel taxes in Europe.

“Not Just bad, it was terrible,” reports a CNN source about the last phone call between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron. Last Thursday, the two heads of state exchanged thought about the rise of US taxes on steel and aluminum. And that did not go well as the French president hoped.

“Emmanuel Macron said he could say what he thought about the situation. But Trump cannot stand being criticized in this way, “one of these sources told US media. The two presidents, however, had good relations during two meetings in Paris and Washington.

The latest phone call between Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, would have been the same, continues CNN.

These leaders met last weekend for a G7 meeting. This ended on a finding of isolation for the United States.

Commercial War

The United States put its threat into execution in the trade war that pitted them against their partners by announcing the tariffs on steel and aluminum.

This announcement, made by Donald Trump’s trade secretary, Wilbur Ross, was immediately followed by a volley of reactions.


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