Eight Must-Visit Places When In United States of America

New York City

The United States of America has countless beautiful cities filled with modern and historic sites. If you are a person who loves to travel, and have a list on which you have jotted down all the places you want to go,the United States of America should definitely be on it, it is full of bombshell destinations and will make your trip to the USA worth it. The cities have various attractions for the visitors which fascinate them. The United States of America is full of mountains, beaches, coastlines and historic places. The most difficult thing that one has to face is selecting where to go and where not to. Although, it’s a tough decision here is a guide that might help you determine your path of interest.

New York City:

When People come to New York the first place they go to visit is usually includes Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Empire State Building. These places are some of the most famous places in New York but they aren’t the only ones. New York is the most popular city of United States of America it is “the city that never sleeps”, due to this fact, NY is the most favourite place of both national and international visitors. Do take time to so go visit old railroad-track-turned-park and enjoy the Skyline, artwork, and greenery. New York City is full of the modern art museum, metropolitan museum of art and many others. For beautiful architecture do pay a visit to Brooklyn.


Washington D.C is located on the East coast of Country. Washington D.C is the Capital of United States of America. This city is a home for different people belonging to different countries, city, religions, and cultures. The buildings of this city are famous all around the world. Building like the White House, Capitol Building, and Lincoln memorial can be recognized by almost anyone anywhere in the world.

If you ever visit the US you must go to admire these flawless buildings. These amazing landmarks are located somewhere around the tremendous landscaped parkland which is known as a national mall. Visit Tidal basin in the march to April for marvellous cherry blossoms. This city is full of museums if anyone loves exploring the histories it’s the best place to come it consists of the national air and space museums, the national museum of African-American history, the national portrait gallery and many more.

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is the best place for party lovers. This city is full of entertainment and has a maximum number of casinos and large hotel all over the world. It is perfect for both family visit and adults with friends as it has to offer entertainment and fun to both of them. If you ever plan on being in Las Vegas then must visit places on your wish list should be: The strip, Bellagio, Grand Canyon will bless your heart with a sight of wide canyons, The Venetian is the place which will make you feel like you’re standing in Venice, not Vegas. The food is amazing in Las Vegas specifically Pizzas.

Orlando, Florida:

Orlando is the best place to go with family for having ultimate fun in the Disney theme parks, Universal Studios or SeaWorld. This magical city is not very much expensive even the rates for three-star hotels are not more than $300, so money cannot stop you from experiencing this beautiful sunshine on the beaches some of the famous beaches are Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, Sanibel and many others. You can have a quiet day where you can just relax and tryfishing. For all those who are new to fishing, here is a link that can be of great help.

Los Angeles, California:

California is famous for its Beverly Hills’, walk-of-fame and Hollywood bowl but that’s not it. If you are interested in finding out the life of your favourite celebrities you’re at the right place. Go shopping on Rodeo Drive, go for a walk on the beautiful Venice Beach and do take a bus tour for exploring more about this Hollywood freak city. It is full of beautiful landmarks, museums, theatres, and delicious food restaurants.


The island filled with natural beauty: greenery, clear skyline and crystal clear water and volcanoes. This is a classic place to visit for relaxing on the coastlines getting tan due to flawless weather. The perfect place for adventurous people they can go for a hike on the island of Kauai or go to Maui to watch humpback whales and visit Hawaii Volcanoes national park experience the thrill of playing with fire. This city will fill you with joy and pleasure takes you away from all your chaotic chaos of life. Hawaii is full of lush green rainforests and for the marvellous tour take a helicopter tour to witness the beauty and calmness of these tropical rainforests in Hawaii from the top it will leave you to astonish.


Texas is a city full of colours and life. It has some of the most amazing Riverwalk to the Alamo while walking you will walk by many foods and shopping areas, San Antonio Zoo, SeaWorld San Antonio, and Flags San Antonio is the marvellous places for enjoying your vacation with your family. It also has the best street shops with the vintage pair of shoes. Spaces centre Houston, big bend national park, Texas State Capitol in Austin and Natural Bridge Caverns which is a few hours away from San Antonio these must visit places if you ever go to Texas with family.

Anchorage, Alaska:

The city with parks and museums is the best place for family visits. At Alaska Museum of natural history, you can have fun digging for dinosaur bones. Alaska consists of the largest water park in the country which is the favourite place for families and friends to go for waterslides and water rides adventures. Go for walking tours around the city, attend fairs and festival and charming day drives in Alaska are the best. The city has the cheapest per night rates at hotels than any other city in the USA, which is approximately $100/night.


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