Easy Ways To Quit Your Alcohol Addiction At Home


You must have come across many people who are addicted to alcohol in such a way that there is no escape. Is there no escape from alcoholism? Is alcoholism a permanent problem? To answer all these questions, here is a blog that deals with alcoholism, its causes, risks, and how you can quit alcoholism permanently.

There are a lot of households that have been destroyed due to alcohol addicts. When you have got attached to a bad habit that is taking your family and life away from you, it is time that you understand how deadly it is and quit it as soon as you can. Before getting into the ways to cure alcoholism, let us understand what alcoholism is.

What is alcohol addiction?

Also known as alcoholism, alcohol addiction occurs when one is mentally and physically dependent on alcohol. People belonging to different walks of life suffering from alcohol addiction tend to hamper their family and personal lives because of alcohol addiction. Once you get addicted to alcohol, you can get affected socially. Similarly, managing household responsibilities becomes a big deal to you, and ultimately, you fail. There comes a time when your entire family gives up on you.

Although several doctors have tried to determine the actual cause that leads one to alcohol addiction, nothing has been clearly stated yet. However, some factors that may lead one to alcohol addiction are sex, genetics, race, or socioeconomic factors. What generates alcoholism as a disease are genetic, psychological, and behavioral factors. People suffering from alcoholism feel that their life would come to an end if there is no alcohol. Alcohol addiction can be divided into three stages – mild, moderate, and severe. Whatever be the stage at which an alcoholic person belongs, it is essential to get him treated.

Many people do not recognize alcoholism as a disease. It is high time that you start considering alcoholism as a disease and can affect the neuro system of a person. The severity of drinking varies from person to person. Some drink all day and night, while some others keep it to binge drinking only. Irrespective of how a person is drinking, if an individual cannot control himself when he is drunk and loses sobriety for a more extended period, he can be called an alcoholic and he should be treated as soon as possible.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Although alcoholism is difficult to identify, there are some signs what make recognizing alcoholism easy. Unlike drugs like cocaine and weeds, many cultures today have accepted alcohol and consider it part of their fun time or enjoyment. Since drinking has become a common phenomenon in society today, identifying alcoholics is a big deal. However, some of the common symptoms of an alcoholic are as follows:

  • Drinking too much (more than the regular times)
  • Little or no hangover after drinking and being capable of tolerating drinks for a long time
  • Drinking at inconvenient times like morning, or during office hours, or at formal places
  • Taking out time every time to depend on alcohol and ignoring places where there is no alcohol or where drinking is not possible
  • Avoiding your near and dear ones
  • Drinking without the notice of any of your family member
  • Depending on alcohol and making it a part of the everyday life
  • Enhanced lethargy, depression, and other mental issues
  • Having the feeling of drinking alcohol more and more
  • Spending a significant portion of the money on alcohol instead of carrying out family duties
  • Professional or legal issues like losing jobs, getting arrested, etc.

With time, the addiction tends to get worse. So, it is better to note warning signs as soon as possible, get rid of alcohol, and lead an everyday commotion-free life.

Why do people take to drinking?

Many factors contribute to the increase in alcohol intake by people. It might be noticed that people have begun taking in alcohol for one reason but gradually have depended on drinking, thereby being an alcoholic. Here are some of the common reasons why people take to drinking:

Relieving stress

If you rely on alcohol and think that you can manage stress, then you are wrong. This way, neither can you reduce your stress level nor get mental peace. Instead, you are sure to turn into an alcoholic. Once you start drinking, you are sure to feel good as it is considered a sedative.

To feel good

Many consume alcohol to escape from the morbid reality. They are either afraid to accept the reality or do not want to take on such a lot of responsibilities. However, practicing the intake of alcohol regularly is sure to lead one to be an alcoholic.

Manage loss

When you lose someone very close to you, be it a friend or a family member, it is sure to affect you emotionally, mentally, and physically. At such times, people depend on alcohol to pass through these difficult times. Even if you depend on alcohol temporarily, it can trigger a drinking problem soon.

Deficit of connection

People take to drinking because they feel they are not socially accepted. They believe that alcohol can help them cope with the social emptiness or make it simpler for them to survive in a social world.


When people get into some shameful activities, they start drinking as alcohol helps them cover their shame with some made-up feelings. Continuing to take alcohol to suppress one’s shame is sure to lead one to turn out as an alcoholic.

How to quit alcohol addiction?

Here is what you can do to quit alcohol from your life:

Find out how much you drink

The first step to quitting alcohol is to find out how much you drink. Check out if you end up drinking even after telling me you won’t. You have to control yourself and stay out of drinks even if your friends are engaging in it.

Look for the reason behind drinking

Second, you need to figure out why or what is making you drink. The quicker you find out the reason behind your alcoholism, the quicker you will find an alternative way to get relieved from alcoholism.

Consider your approach

Although you want to quit alcohol, you are not sure about quitting it entirely. Besides, you do not want to restrict yourself by setting any goal. Being a social drinker is fine. Make sure to keep track of your drinking habits – how often you drink and how much you drink.

Talk about your addiction

When you tell your close ones about your determination to quit drinking, it might motivate you to help you achieve your goal. Do not be ashamed to talk about your drinking habits. Friends and family can stand as a support system in your journey to quit drinking.

When you talk about your relationship with alcohol, you might encourage others to quit drinking. You can bring somebody you trust the most when you are getting treated to quit alcohol. When trying to quit alcohol, do not think of isolating yourself from society. Instead, engage with people who give less priority to your drinking habit and focus more on your personality.

Change your surroundings

When you make alcohol your best friend, you find ways and means to drink. Instead, drinking becomes an automatic action for every situation you face. Avoid keeping alcohol in your house. If you have to go out of the house to buy drinks every time, there will come a time when you are sure to feel lazy to leave the house to satisfy your drinking spree. This way, you can slowly limit your alcohol intake. If there are guests in your house, offer them everything other than alcohol. Substitute your favorite alcohol with an energy drink of your choice.

Focus on self-care

Stopping a habit suddenly after continuing for quite a long time is a little stressful. When you are a regular drinker, deciding to quit it all of a sudden can take you through a lot of emotional and mental pain. In order to cope with such things, all you can do is get into some self-care practices. Focus more on your health. Engage yourself in yoga or meditation. If you want, you can learn any form of art like dancing, singing or joining art classes or learning to play any instrument, etc. Get into a disciplined life with a balanced diet and adequate sleep daily.

Reach out for help

Let’s face it. Quitting alcohol overnight is tough for one who is a regular drinker. However, it is not impossible, provided you have reached out for professional help. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, you can ask your family to support you and go along with you for sessions.


Therefore, quitting alcohol may take time, but it is undoubtedly possible. Even if you have made up your mind to quit drinking totally, do not be hard on yourself initially. Take the process slowly and in a controlled manner.


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